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Forum Descriptions

Which forums to use for your questions and discussion topics

Accessible Technology and Public Computing Forum:
Find solutions and resources for maintaining and operating your computer lab whether you are a nonprofit, library, or community center. This is the place to share innovative technology curriculum, search for accessible technology information and ask general tech questions, such as, How do you use assistive technology for public computing? and Are social networking sites accessible?
Emerging Technologies Forum:
Get news on recent developments in technology, and discuss Web 2.0 tools and other applications with the nonprofit tech community. You can ask questions such as, What software do you recommend for multipoint video conferencing? and How do you integrate social media into your website?
Hardware Forum:
Make recommendations and ask your technical questions about the physical components of computers including desktop and laptop computers, recycled computers, servers, and printers. Ask questions such as, Where can I donate old computer equipment? or What kind of server is right for my organization?
Introduce Yourself Forum:
Introduce yourself and your organization to the TechSoup community. This is the place for nonprofits and their colleagues to get acquainted. If you have questions about how to participate, check out our How to Participate page and this video tutorial.
Mobile and Wireless Forum:
Discuss the pros and cons of wireless connectivity, the equipment it requires, and the security issues it introduces. Post questions like, Do you have a mobile website? or How do you set up a separate wireless network?
Networks Forum:
Ask your questions and learn how to plan, secure, and maintain your organization’s network. You can post topics such as, Can you help troubleshoot a network printer? and How are you monitoring your network traffic?
Nonprofit Tech Careers Forum:
This forum is more of a bulletin board than a discussion forum, use Nonprofit Tech Careers to share resources and strategies for job-hunting and to post job announcements.
Open-Source Software Forum:
Explore the pro's and cons of adopting open-source and Free Software (General Public License) for a use in a nonprofit environment. This is the place to ask questions such as, What free software should you keep handy? or What's an open source alternative for a donor database?
Site Feedback Forum:
Problem with the forums? Notice something buggy? Post any bugs you're finding here and we will work to squash them.
Software Forum:
Discuss and receive advice on all aspects of computer software. Topics include non-profit and other programs, including those available through TechSoup , troubleshooting, databases, and operating systems. Here, you can ask questions like, Which project-management software do you recommend? or What changes are in the latest version of Office?
Tech Planning Forum:
Discuss the essentials of technology planning. Ask questions such as, What should I include in a telecommuting policy? and Where can I find an RFP template?
Technology for Fundraising Forum:
Talk about technologies that support fundraising, like donor and member databases, Constituent Relationship Management, email marketing, and online donations. This is the place to ask questions such as,Why not use a spreadsheet for donor management? and How do you process credit card donations?
TechSoup Help Forum:
Post any questions you have about the site and let us know what you think about TechSoup.
TechSoup Town Hall:
Discuss ideas and trends in the sector, post nonprofit technology news and events, meet and mingle with your fellow community members, hear the latest TechSoup news and upcoming features, and add your product suggestions to our Product Solutions Wish List.
Telecommunications Forum:
Strategies and expert advice on using and maintaining voice communication technologies. Topics include questions like What's an inexpensive office phone solution? and What PC handset is best for calls?
Virtual Community Forum:
Learn more about how communicating through email, online forums, social media, and other community tools can support your organization's goals and mission. Ask questions such as, How do you create and promote a Facebook page? and Why would a nonprofit use a virtual world?
Virus Vaccination and Computer Security Forum:
Discuss ways to keep your computer secure and virus free, and what to do when your computer becomes infected. Here, you can ask questions such as, What's the best antivirus solution for a server? or Do you really need a third-party registry cleaner?
Volunteers and Technology Forum:
Learn about working with technology volunteers and how the Internet connects volunteers with the organizations that need them. Ask questions such as, What volunteer management software do you recommend? and How do you keep volunteer engagement in micro-volunteering opportunities?
Web Building Forum:
Strategies and expert advice on all aspects of developing and maintaining an effective Web presence. Topics covered include site-building tools, web design, SEO, analytics and traffic-boosting methods, usability, hosting, and functionality. Ask questions such as, Know of a good web hosting provider? and What's the best integrated solution for a nonprofit website?