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  • Forum Thread: Power Point to Video converter with audio WISH

    I have been comparing two products for my needs to convert Power Points to online video formatting and ability to add audio. Two products. Best one, no products come close to: Panopto by Zendesk. They will not sell as a separate item. The entire product costs is at $10,000.00 per year. Then there...
  • Forum Thread: Senior Business Analyst

    About the role New Classrooms is seeking a Senior Business Analyst (BA) to help design the products which power our Teach to One personalized education program. You will work to understand stakeholder needs in order to help establish and improve the existing algorithms that drive how students progress...
  • Forum Thread: Senior .NET Developer (Back-end) Job Opening

    About the Role Software Developers at New Classrooms work at the intersection of technology and education. Building and improving on groundbreaking technology, our Software Developers play a critical role supporting the development of new models for personalized education. We are seeking a Senior ...
  • Forum Thread: A Less Clunky Accounting Program

    I really don't know what I am looking for by name, however I find quickbooks difficult and well, what I call Clunky. As a nonprofit, we need an accounting program. However I long for memories of the simplicity of Quicken sometimes. You write a check, it gives you a balance. Whatever happened to simplicity...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Online software solution for large orphanage to manage monthly supplies inventory and donor requests

    Karen, I'm currently brainstorming ideas for 'orphanage management software' to work on as a side project (I'm a web developer). Your donation/need tracking problem has given me some good insight into one of the many problems that could be solved with the web/software. I'm definitely...
  • Forum Thread: Experience & Advice regarding OneNFP?

    We are considering purchasing the accounting software OneNFP, but would like to hear from users who have actually used it. Thanks for any advice!
  • Forum Thread: Auction Software

    I am the VP of a Land Trust located in Maryland. We have held an Auction/Dinner for the last three years. The software for conducting the auction was created by a young volunteer who has since left our organization. Rather than depend on another volunteer trying to learn his program, we are looking for...
  • Forum Thread: Salsa Labs and Kindful

    Hello, I am reviewing Salsa Labs-Solis and Kindful. Can anyone provide me some feedback on the solutions? I am not sure which one to select.
  • Forum Thread: Attendance Software

    Hey Everybody, We're working with The Music Village, a small non-profit offering music lessons at little to no cost to people who otherwise would not be able to pay for them. Our instructors are elderly, so we are looking for a simple, preferably free, way to keep track of student attendance. Something...
  • Forum Thread: Case Management Software

    Our agency is a small non-profit that does re-entry for inmates. We are looking for a client database (basic information, case notes, etc.) to track information. I saw a thread from 2008 but the link that TechSoup referred the person to is now unavailable. Has anyone had luck with any databases or programs...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Bring back Filemaker Pro 13!

    Hi Margotkh, sorry for the late reply - I'm looking into this. I'm sure you've seen the TS product page, but in case you haven't keep it bookmarked for updates. I'll let you know as soon as I have something! http://www.techsoup.org/search/products/filemaker%20pro/
  • Forum Thread: What software do you use for fundraising?

    My company is conducting a survey for our non-profit partners. I do not want to spam the link out on every forum I can, because we're looking for quality results versus just hitting some arbitrary number of participants. We aren't trying to skew our results in one way or another, but one of the...
  • Forum Thread: The right software for us

    We have a drop in day center for the homeless and others in need. We offer a hot meal, clothing, tents, sleeping bags (when available), and various vouchers. I need a program that will be able to track with the following info: Date - Member - Services Provided. On top of that, I also need to track donations...
  • Forum Thread: When security becomes surveillance: FinFisher’s Global Proliferation

    This post describes the results of a comprehensive global Internet scan for the command and control servers of Gamma International’s FinFisher “"remote monitoring solution" (surveillance software). It also details the discovery of a campaign using FinFisher in Ethiopia used to target...
  • Forum Thread: Recommendations for keeping our Computer Lab Safe & Secure

    We have a computer lab open to public use within our facility. The computers log onto our network and therefore we can control if they can install programs, etc. However, I need a recommendation on how to control appropriate webpages online, blocking the hard drive and chaning settings (backgrounds,...
  • Forum Thread: Photoshop CS6 for Windows

    Our organization is looking for a regular version of Photoshop CS6 for Windows. We don't need all the bells and whistles that is offered with the "Extended & Photoshop/Premiere Elements 10." Thanks for hearing my Wish List request! Diana JobsFoundation.org
  • Forum Thread: Corel

    Since Adobe doesn't seem to be forthcoming - has there been any thought to other software alternates such as Corel's products .. they seem to be trying to leverage Adobe's position to gain traction as a viable alternate. Just curious.
  • Forum Thread: About the Wish List Branch

    Ever said to yourself, “I wish TechSoup offered [insert product name]"? Well, TechSoup would like to hear from you! What would you like to see on TechSoup? What kind of software solutions is your organization is looking for that aren't currently offered through TechSoup? Are there types...
  • Forum Reply: Re: transcription software

    We could also use Dragon Dictate 3 for the Mac. Thank you, Harris
  • Forum Thread: Box (A cloud storage solution)

    One of my preferred cloud storage solutions has been Box so I'd love to see them become part of the TechSoup community and offer a special multi-user license for non-profits!
  • Forum Thread: Request for product

    I would love to be able to purchase an updated version of Chief Architect . We are a non-profit rural housing program funded through USDA and we use this program continuously. It is very expensive for us to update or replace.
  • Forum Thread: Formstack

    Formstack is an excellent web forms design and deployment tool that integrates and plays well with many other cloud based tools. It would be great to see TechSoup cut a deal with Formstack to offer a special discount or even free subscription level specifically for nonprofits. I do know that they offer...
  • Forum Thread: Camtasia Studio

    We are very interested in obtaining Camtasia Studio for our organization. Camtasia Studio is a video recording and editing tool that will allow us to keep our user community better informed about Charity Navigator, what we do, charities in the news, and donor advisories, as well as "how to"...
  • Forum Thread: Transportation Demand Response Software Needed Please!

    I'm looking for software from Techsoup (or other donated/discounted source) such as ServTracker or others, that allow an agency to schedule and dispatch transportation to its constituents. We serve seniors who are aging in place and need transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, etc...
  • Forum Thread: Office 365

    I am intrigued by Office 365 and wonder if Microsoft has announced any pricing or plans for non profits.