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  • Forum Thread: Operations & Technology Coordinator (Oakland, CA)

    Operations & Technology Coordinator - Oakland, CA About the Position Exhale is seeking an exceptional candidate for a rare opportunity to join its dynamic and growing team as the Operations and Technology Coordinator. This person serves as a core member of Exhale’s small staff and is expected...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Adobe InDesign

    I did see it, Chris. But as I said in one of my previous emails, Creative Cloud (or CC, as I refer to it) isn't a very good option for a small nonprofit. CC is a very clever marketing ploy. Yes, you get a constantly updated product; OTOH, you pay & pay & pay & pay & you keep paying...
  • Forum Thread: TechSoup is Helping the Ali Forney Center Help Homeless LGBTQ Youth — Here's How

    Picture this: your youth services nonprofit welcomes more than 250 new clients per week and you're growing. Managing your sensitive data is just the beginning — without a secure system, you’re a disaster waiting to happen. The scenario is real. Here’s how TechSoup services are helping...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Nonprofit Website Design SoupChat - Live Q/A Wed 12/17 12PM PT

    Where can a small library or nonprofit with very limited resources start if it wants to make its website responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly)? I hear that by sometime in 2015, half of website viewing will be happening on people's phones and tablets.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Nonprofit Website Design SoupChat - Live Q/A Wed 12/17 12PM PT

    One other thing that might be of help to people wanting to improve their websites is TechSoup's curated resources on sprucing up websites, available here: www.techsoup.org/spruce-up-your-website
  • Forum Reply: RE: Nonprofit Website Design SoupChat - Live Q/A Wed 12/17 12PM PT

    p.s. I should have asked: How can a nonprofit or library make its web site fully accessible for people with disabilities and people using assistive technologies?
  • Forum Reply: RE: Nonprofit Website Design SoupChat - Live Q/A Wed 12/17 12PM PT

    How can a nonprofit make its web site fully accessible for people with disabilities and people using assistive technologies?
  • Forum Thread: NEW - Brayden Alexander Global Foundation for Hydranencephaly, Inc

    We do business as Global Hydranencephaly Foundation & provide individualized support services to families who are facing a diagnosis of the rare neurological condition hydranencephaly. In addition, we have support programs in the works; as well as a project to present to the medical community in...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Web hosting

    This is pretty late, but I'm surprised that the host was recommended, but for some reason they are paying for it. Dreamhost, while not my favorite host does offer their service to nonprofits for free. They will even register the domain for you. From signup to approval it took about a half a day...
  • Forum Thread: Surge protection equipment other than power strips

    My wish list request is that Techsoup offer low-priced surge protectors that are longer-lived and more robust than the usual power strips, together with enough plain-English info. on each to allow a non-electrician to select the most appropriate device(s) . These better surge protectors would prolong...
  • Forum Thread: NPO Website Upgrades?

    Does anyone know if there are grants or donations that would help pay for a major website re-do/upgrade? Our old site is flat and needs to become more engaging as social media changes and evolves.
  • Forum Thread: Junior Developer - OpenMedia

    Work with OpenMedia Title: Junior Developer OpenMedia is an award-winning grassroots group that fights for the possibilities of the open Internet. We empower people to participate in Internet governance through fresh and engaging citizen campaigns. We’re changing the face of digital policy...
  • Forum Thread: Database/software for client billing

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for billing software. We are looking for a system to keep a database of clients, and also provide functionality to export billing info to a state portal , such as the virtual gateway of Massachusetts which hosts the Home and Community Services Information...
  • Forum Thread: Financial Manager Position at Corporate Accountability International

    Financial Manager Corporate Accountability International, a powerhouse in challenging corporate abuse for more than 35 years, is seeking a Financial Manager to ensure the development and implementation of key financial functions across the organization, with particular attention to general ledger activities...
  • Forum Thread: Donation of Adobe CC follow up

    Greetings: I see others have also requested the subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. After almost two years, is there any news on this possible avenue to help non profits with this great product? Any help on the subscription price would benefit many organizations. I am currently on a $19.99 per month...
  • Forum Thread: What software do you use for fundraising?

    My company is conducting a survey for our non-profit partners. I do not want to spam the link out on every forum I can, because we're looking for quality results versus just hitting some arbitrary number of participants. We aren't trying to skew our results in one way or another, but one of the...
  • Forum Thread: Help in picking the right program for our non-profit

    We have a drop in day cneter for the homeless and others in need. We offer a hot meal, clothing, tents 7 sleeping bags (when available), and various vouchers. I need a program that will be able to track with the following info: Date - Member - Services Provided. On top of that, I also need to track donations...
  • Forum Thread: Photoshop - Wishlist

    Hello. We are a small non-profit that is revamping our website. We take and receive photos of our monthly cancer survivor group meetings, Memorial Fund honorees, community events, Komen walks, etc., etc. and would love to have the ability to us Photoshop to get a little creative and look more professional...
  • Forum Thread: Greater Giving Event Suite

    Has this event management software ever been offered?
  • Forum Thread: Photoshop CS6 for Windows

    Our organization is looking for a regular version of Photoshop CS6 for Windows. We don't need all the bells and whistles that is offered with the "Extended & Photoshop/Premiere Elements 10." Thanks for hearing my Wish List request! Diana JobsFoundation.org
  • Forum Thread: Adobe eLearning Suite

    We have a requirement for (3) licenses for Adobe eLearning Suite. Are there any plans to make this product Available ? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Fonts

    My organization needs fonts . A complex newsletter that has been published for years on a Mac is being transferred to a new volunteer designer who has a PC, as do others in the organization. There are three fonts for which we cannot find free or low-cost versions in PC format. Because one of the fonts...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Faronics Deep Freeze

    Contact Faronics http://www.faronics.com/ they offer educational/non-profit discounts.
  • Forum Thread: Intuit Point Of Sale Multi Store

    Back to Natives Restoration would very much like to see the Intuit Point Of Sale Multi Store software become available once more. We are a habitat restoration nonprofit that sells locally native plants at select local venues to raise funds for our projects. With numerous volunteers, including Board and...
  • Forum Thread: Manage Your Events with Ease

    In our webinar today, we will discuss how to manage your events with ease. What questions do you have about this topic? Share them here so we can further explore this training area. Looking for tips on how to effectively manage your nonprofit or library’s events? Need an easy way to handle registrations...