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  • Forum Thread: MIP interface

    Is anyone out there using the MIP interface with eTapestry? I have a couple of questions about set up that I would appreciate getting answers for. Thanks John Oppenheim
  • Forum Thread: Adobe CS4 install over PhotoShop Elements on Macintosh

    Has anyone installed Adobe CS Design Premium 4.0 on a Mac that previously had Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 installed? I’m asking because I once installed PhotoShop CS2 on a Mac that already had PhotoShop Elements installed. The new copy of Photoshop CS2 would not work and the copy of Elements...
  • Forum Thread: Please recommend grant administration software

    There are many products designed to unify all the tasks in grants administration. Which of these expensive widgets is a best buy? We have history with ~150 grantors, including government, United Ways, and corps and foundations.
  • Forum Thread: navigation buttons and history not working in Firefox

    Here is one that has stupmed me. I'm posting for a friend: sorry this took so long to get to you. take your time trying to acquire an answer. i've had no luck on any of the boards for a solid fix. first off, i use windows 2000. i have completely deleted firefox and all of it's...
  • Forum Thread: Fundraising Online Programs

    We are from the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County and are currently using Kintera for our Human Race Fundraiser (which raised about $300,000.00 online this year) and for events such as workshops and community events. We are frustrated with our current software and are exploring new fundraising software...
  • Forum Thread: Adobe InDesign for MAC

    Hi- My organization has recently purchased the Adobe suite and we have numerous problems downloading the software. After about 20 attempts I have gotten all of the software on my computer except for InDesign. InDesign was the reason why we bought the suite and we have been unable to use it. It says...
  • Forum Thread: Hello Help with windows password recover

    Hello All, My name is Rachel, I work for a children's home in San Antonio, texas. I'm also an accidental techie. We get donated computers that are password protected. Is there any way to recover the passwords? Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Suggestions for Outcome/Impact Tracking software

    Hi - Has anyone used Vista Share's Outcome Tracker software or have other recommendations for impact tracking products for community development? Thanks. Susan.
  • Forum Thread: Document Publishing on the Web

    I have various pdfs, excel files, word docs, etc. pdf's I got from another source that I would like to publish on the world wide web and be able to: have the public access them; be able to tag them or categorize each document and be able to search on those tags/categories; be able to search...
  • Forum Thread: Air Display - Extend Your Desktop For $10

    crossposted from where there are some pretty pictures Avatron Software, Inc. has come up with a really nifty application for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. While this application has limited use on the tiny iPod or iPhone screen (I suppose you could put a menu or something on it), it...
  • Forum Thread: Membership and Certification Databases

    Hello there, We are a membership and certification organization looking to move to a new AMS. Of particular importance to us is an automated means of pulling in certification data (via API or service) from an outside testing vendor and applying it to applicants. We are also interested in an LMS and...
  • Forum Thread: Word 2010 not printing in color

    I have installed Office 2010 on 15 public computers and 1 staff computer with no problems. I am having difficulty though on 2 different staff computers only in regards to color printing while using Word 2010. I can print in color just fine from these 2 computers if using other applications such as...
  • Forum Thread: Help with "A Secure Cart"

    Hey all, Over at the Rose City Rollers, we're creating a new website (hooray!!!) and a new web store (woohoo!!), but we need some assistance. We've chosen A Secure Cart as the platform, but none of us knows how to use this program well and make it work with our new site. Do you, or someone...
  • Forum Thread: Counting application use

    Good Morning- In our library we have 15 computers available for public use. Each of these computers has Office 2007 on them along with Internet Explorer. I want to track how many times each application is used per day. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this? Collecting this information will...
  • Forum Thread: Safe Mode

    Hello i have a Gateway Machine that has XP Media Center that boots automatically into Safe Mode. What would cause that?
  • Forum Thread: What are your favorite tips, shortcuts, keyboard tricks, or features in Word?

    Do you use Microsoft Office Word for your daily word processing. I do and I feel like I generally have a pretty good handle on shortcuts and tricks to help me use it pretty quickly and efficiently. However, once in a while, I watch a co-worker use a shortcut or access a feature I never knew existed....
  • Forum Reply: Re: RE: Microsoft Office vs.

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that the original article, Microsoft Office vs. was just re-published after being completely rewritten to include comparisons between the latest versions of both products. Check out the new features and chime back in here with any updates...
  • Forum Thread: Quickbooks - multiple user licenses

    I plan on buying the quickbooks for nonprofits for our organization. The problem is that we would need to use it on three computors. Since quickbooks from techsoup only comes with one user license, how do I get two others. We will be networking this together. Thanks in adavance Larry
  • Forum Thread: Input on Intuit Quickbooks Point of Sale software

    My organization is looking to upgrade to a Point of Sale software solution. Does anyone have specific experience with the Intuit (Quickbooks) PoS system offered through Tech Soup? Our organization handles small quantities of a very wide variety of transactions, including merchandise sales in a physical...
  • Forum Thread: 100 Open Source Apps for Windows

    Here is a list of free open source applications that might be of use to nonprofits. (If you find one you like, do share!)
  • Forum Thread: Do you use CyberGrants?

    I couldn't find any previous Tech Soup Forum discussion regarding this service. Database options for grantmakers are few and far between, so I'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who has worked with them (or considered it and decided not to).
  • Forum Thread: Volunteer organisation database

    We recently moved to a new town-centre location, which has brought us many new volunteers with a wide range of skills. We need to organise their information - their skills and interests, contact info, the team(s) they're allocated to, if they've had an induction/handbook/fire training etc etc...
  • Forum Thread: Scanning documents in MS Word 2007

    As curator of Lake Township Historical Society, Uniontown, OH, I'm having problem scanning word document or text documents. We are using MS Word 2007 in XP. I can scan photos but there is no mention of text documents. Any ideas. Steve E.
  • Forum Thread: Microsoft Publisher 2010 format compatibility issues when opening Publisher 2007 file

    I recently upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2010 and am having issues with my Publisher 2007 files opening in the new Publisher 2010 program. The text and content is all still there when opened in the 2010 program, however much of the text formatting and alignment is lost/messed-up. Is there...
  • Forum Thread: Data Recovery Software

    A folder, with subfolders and files over several years, was deleted from a flash drive containing important documents that didn't live anywhere else. Is there any data recovery software you'd recommend for me to retrieve as much of these documents as possible? I'd really appreciate any help...