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  • Forum Reply: RE: QuickBooks Made Easy: Beyond The Essentials

    Hey all, check out this webinar on QuickBooks - good tips here. Includes transcript and slide deck. Topics Include: How to set up your bank account or credit card account for online banking Understanding the online banking center How to download transactions directly or manually through a web...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Collaboration

    You'll have to allow her to access his computer to her office over the Internet. You can use Remote Desktop (built into Windows) or try one of the various remote access programs such as LogMeIn ( https://secure.logmein.com/products/pro/ ). It appears that you can try LogMeIn for free before you buy...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Advice regarding online donation security

    Paypal is a good choice. It's fees for non-profits are some of the lowest in the business (2.2% + $0.30/transaction). You can export your transaction history. There is an app to sync Paypal with Quickbooks ( https://appcenter.intuit.com/syncwpaypal ) but check the reviews of it. Here's some...
  • Forum Reply: RE: QuickBooks Online nonprofit discount?

    *bump!* I'm happy to inform our forum readers that QuickBooks Online is now available to eligible nonprofits and public libraries registered with TechSoup. Click here for more information.
  • Forum Thread: Incoming/outgoing book donation software

    Please forgive my ignorance on the usage of databases. My non-profit employer (Kidsneedtoread.org) receives book donations and sends book donations. Currently we have an access database that I use a scanner (for ISBN) and manually enter in all information. I export to Excel to create spreadsheets that...
  • Forum Reply: RE: QuickBooks

    Hi there: I checked in with our resident QuickBooks expert, Gregg Bossen (founder of QuickBooks Made Easy , a wonderful training provider all nonprofit QuickBooks users should know about) and here's what he had to say: "The "Condense Data" utility replaces detailed transactions...
  • Forum Thread: QuickBooks

    Our nonprofit has enjoyed its relationship and pricing with TechSoup for many years including the purchase of QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition and previous versions which we have been using since 1998. Suddenly this week I am faced, without any warning, the 14,500 name limit. This came as a total...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Best all-in-one Mac accounting/donation tracking solution?

    Hey ChicagoJen, I am glad you liked what you saw with Aplos! I work with Aplos and you are right, as far as I know there isn't another all-in-one solution made for the small nonprofits out there that easily does both fund accounting and donations for a Mac and is a lower price. That is one of the...
  • Forum Reply: RE: QuickBooks Online nonprofit discount?

    We would love to see Techsoup distribute Quickbooks Online to nonprofits as well. Any updated news? We currently use ACS Technologies On-Demand, a member/financials package for churches. We have a lot of problems with the program and would like to return to Quickbooks for our financials, however, we...
  • Forum Thread: Quickbooks Online and Payroll

    We need web-based software programs for our church, so I would love to see Quickbooks Online offered via techsoup.
  • Forum Thread: QuickBooks question

    I am new to QuickBooks and need to solve a problem. I have purchased the training program "QuckBooks Made Easy" and I have viewed several of the very informative QuickBooks webinars, shown on TechSoup. I have currently encountered a problem that I cannot seem to be able to solve. I have downloaded...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Quick Books 2014 download for a PC

    Hey Randi, did you try the product page? http://www.techsoup.org/search/products/Quickbooks/
  • Forum Reply: RE: TechSoup Monthly #SoupChat Series

    Nonprofit Accounting - March 2015 On March 5 we invited your nonprofit tax questions for a special #SoupChat following our 'QuickBooks for Existing Nonprofit Users' webinar. Our expert Hydeh Ghaffari brings more than 30 years of experience as a financial manager and 25 years as a CPA to DZH...
  • Forum Reply: RE: How to put Ticket sells in Quickbooks

    Hey there, I'm not sure how long it will take for a QuickBooks expert to see this, so I suggest clicking over to QuickBooks Support . And can you please post the answer here when you find it? I'm sure others with the same question will appreciate it!
  • Forum Reply: RE: designated funds/restricted donations

    Hi FRBA, I hope you've had some luck with what you're looking for. This seems pretty straightforward, but more a style question of 'how' you'd like to set up an internal system that works for your staff - maybe something you can find more on via QuickBooks online support . Let us...
  • Forum Reply: RE: How to get started with an existing Quickbook accountant

    Hi Krupa, first a big thanks for joining our webinars! Happy you found them informative. You can view a recording and companion materials for our QuickBooks webinar here . For future reference - to catch up on past webinars go home > resources > webinars - and you're all set. To answer your...
  • Forum Reply: RE: How to enter donations in QuickBooks that were received prior to becoming 501c3?

    Hey there, I'm not a tax software expert, but you might want to check out the QuickBooks support stream - I bet you'll find an answer there. Best of luck!
  • Forum Reply: RE: Non profit donations

    Hi Cathy, because it's accounting software I assume it will but don't quote me on that. Here's the QuickBooks support stream for more.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Activating Classes in 2014 Premier Non-profit version

    Hey Russel, here's the QuickBooks support stream if no one here offers advice. Here are some helpful resources from the webinar.
  • Forum Reply: RE: deposits without sales receipts

    Hi Michal, Here's the QuickBooks support stream in case no one offers you advice here.
  • Forum Thread: Question for QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit 2015

    I have tried to enter "classes" and my program says that 'classes' are not enabled ..... What does that mean and what do I do? I want to break down the grants that we have coming in along with organizing my quickbooks to be more conducive to our needs.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Multiuser Quickbooks question

    Hi Hughesrh, it looks like this might be what you need. Check it out: http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/pages/inproducthelp/core/qb2k12/contentpackage/core/update/task_share_updates.html?family=pro
  • Forum Thread: Online Quickbooks question

    Hi! Has anyone been able to successfully use the online version of quickbooks for your nonprofit. I find that it is very limited in your ability to customize it. Thanks! Catherine
  • Forum Reply: RE: Is upgrade from Quickbooks 2013 to 2015 worth the hassle?

    Well I can't really tell you if it's worth it to upgrade because it really depends on what you use the software for, and how much time it might take you to make the curve (different preferences and proficiencies for different folks). Check this out, it might help you with your decision: "Here’s...
  • Forum Thread: Is upgrade from Quickbooks 2013 to 2015 worth the hassle?

    I was wondering if the upgrade from Quickbooks 2013 to 2015 is worth the learning curve?