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  • Forum Reply: RE: Request for software from Adobe, Creative Cloud

    Thanks for the update, Michael - here's more info on Adobe nonprofit volume licensing:
  • Forum Reply: RE: Wishlist Item Adobe DreamWeaver

    Hey PTP, thanks for the suggestion. To make sure it doesn't get overlooked, can you give us some context? Why is this the DREAM software package for your organization? (See what I did there?)
  • Forum Reply: RE: InDesign

    Is there any way we can help to urge Adobe to resume its great record of supporting nonprofit use of their products? It's very hard (verging on impossible) for non-profit, member-supported news organizations (like mine) to continue our public service journalism at commercial prices.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Adobe Creative Cloud for Non-profits

    Thanks for the great suggestion! It's true, the Adobe donation offerings are in flux, but we hope to have things worked out in the near future. Until that time, getting nonprofit Adobe pricing (and yes it's true, it does exist, but you might have to hunt a bit). Guidelines can be found at http...
  • Forum Thread: Adobe Creative Cloud for Non-profits

    Hi, I've been seeing alot of folks querying about this, and struggled to find some answers myself. Techsoup isn't offering Creative Cloud, but its really not hard for a non-profit to setup. You can either contact techcrawl, where you can purchase one license (one user) for $432. Or you...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Premiere Pro

    Hi, Thank you for checking in. Unfortunately Adobe is no longer offering CS6 through TechSoup. However at this time TechSoup offers its members Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 which is a bundle product that combines both Adobe applications. It is currently out of stock but more should...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Hi In Design Adobe CS6 Software

    My organization needs this too, actually we need a reasonably recent version of the whole Creative Suite for Mac that will run on MacOS 10.7 or 10.8. The situation is somewhat desperate as right now we are running my personal copy of Creative Suite 1 for Mac. Creative Suite 1 won't run on 10.7 or...
  • Forum Thread: Adobe Creative Cloud pricing

    I am curious if Techsoup will ever offer Adobe Creative Cloud for teams at special pricing. It appears that the regular Adobe discount for non-profits in 50% off. This make licensing for creative cloud for teams $35 per user per month. Will TechSoup ever offer a better deal? If so, when is it likely...
  • Forum Thread: Adobe Creative Suite 6

    This was available a couple of years ago, and it would be great to get it back again. Thanks :)
  • Forum Thread: Show Inventory Status on the Initial Description Page

    It would be very nice if we could ascertain whether an item is in stock without having to drill-down to the more detailed description page. For example, I regularly check for Adobe stock availability. I can see the Adobe Product, an image, a short description of it, and the price. But to see...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Photoshop - Wishlist

    Hi Jangell2, We may have offered Photoshop Lightroom in the past, but currently we do not offer that product. However, you may interested in some of the other Photoshop products we have within our catalog. We offer Photoshop CS6 Extended, Photoshop Elements 10 and Premier Elements 10, as well as Creative...
  • Forum Thread: Illustrator

    Any ETA on stand-alone Illustrator for Win? We got Photoshop CS6 last year, and now want Illustrator. So the suite isn't a sweet option! (sorry). Thanks for all the great support!
  • Forum Thread: Final Cut Pro editing software

    Would love to see some editing software available for nonprofit community television stations! Thank you!
  • Forum Thread: Adobe Creative Cloud

    Hi Tech Soup and Members. Any news about offering Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription based plan? Adobe offers it for $49.95 per month. That includes one license to use any of it's software plus other features. This would be a great service for the non profit I work for. It works on both MAC...
  • Forum Thread: Has anyone enrolled in Adobe Photoshop Photography Program

    Howdy Techsoup fans, Has anyone enrolled in the Adobe Photoshop Photography program recently started in place of costly creative cloud membership?
  • Forum Thread: Authoring Techniques for Accessible Office Documents

    Accessibility of Office Documents and Office Applications The Inclusive Design Research Centre, in partnership with UNESCO and the Government of Ontario, has developed consolidated and publicly-reviewed guidance to help ensure the accessibility of office documents and the office applications with which...
  • Forum Thread: Any experience with virus JS:Pdfka-gen[expl] ?

    This week, I installed Adobe Creative Suite 5, purchased through this site. I left it doing install overnight. The next morning, I had an error message about Flash Catalyst not installing properly, and I also had a lot of trouble connecting to the internet. I called my provider, who said it sounded...
  • Forum Thread: NIS 2010 One or three installs

    I just installed Norton Internet Security 2010 acquired through TechSoup. The fulfillment letter said that the license key was good for one computer. When I activated it, the Symantec site said that it was good for three computers. Which is correct? Brian
  • Forum Thread: Adobe software exploited - patches are available

    Adobe exploits are now in the wild (I had to deal with an affected machine earlier today) Patches are available and should be deployed by anyone running the Adobe products referenced on the link below - Summary - "Critical vulnerabilities...
  • Forum Thread: discounted software for manicipalities?

    Does anyone know where to buy discounted software for manicipalities 170 (c) (1) ? Specifically, we are looking for Adobe Contribute.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Libraries vs Friends Orgs

    Hi Les, This is a great question. The simple answer is "yes" but there's always a more complicated answer as well. :) As a 501(c)(3), you are likely eligible to request donated and discounted products from a number of different vendor partners. However, each vendor sets their own...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Unfair application of Adobe "drugs/narcotics" exclusion

    Ken, tclaremont is correct. TechSoup is here to help facilitate and distribute software and hardware donation programs that are specifically designed by the software manufacturers. In the case of Adobe, the have 3 specific areas of focus in this programs: the arts, the environment and direct, essential...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Are you a Nonprofit staff member who has received donations from TechSoup?

    At this time of taking holidays and giving thanks, all of us at the Bridges for Women Society in Victoria, BC, Canada, want to send a great big THANK YOU to Tech Soup and all of your partners. Bridges is a gutsy, innovative community agency whose programs inspire women impacted by violence to reclaim...
  • Forum Thread: Come and vote in this year’s Adobe Show Your Impact Design Contest!

    Hey TechSoup Community, Come see the incredible work that nonprofits and libraries have done using Adobe software in the categories of Environmental Impact and Social Change. Check out their projects , read their essays, and learn how they have used Adobe tools to drive impact in their community...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Free webinar: Multimedia & Youth Programs

    This webinar took place this morning! Thanks to Kami, Erika, and Will for their great presentation! You can view the recording (download slides, podcast, or listen from the site) and access resources on the archive page here: If you have questions that didn't...