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  • Forum Thread: "The Adobe donation program is not available to your organization type. "

    I believe my organization (Womens Economic Ventures) should qualify and I have not yet found a way to ask someone why this has not qorked. I need this software by next week. Please call or email: 805-965-6073x105 or to clarify. Or I will try and continue checking the forum to see...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Microsoft eligibility

    We are a 501(c)(3) arts organization that receives funding from a variety of sources. It looks to me like we don't fall into any of the restricted categories, and yet we also are not qualified to receive Microsoft products. It would be helpful to know what the actual criteria were, rather than to...
  • Forum Thread: Expiring License Agreements

    I have received a notice from Microsoft that one of my License Agreements is expiring I cannot seem to find out: 1. if I am supposed to renew the licence 2. If so, how does one go about this 3. If not, what next?
  • Forum Thread: Vista Ultimate

    Hi We are a nonprofit trying to purchase Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 with multiple or unlimited licenses, where can I find the software???
  • Forum Thread: QuickBooks - 2008 Supply

    Hello, Our organiziations Needs 3 Quick Book Priemer (NonProfit edition) We have 1 2008. We recently purchased 2 additional computers and have two more voluteers to process donations. (What a good problem to have). Now the 2008 edtion is no longer available. and the 2009 I can only get one from Tech...
  • Forum Reply: Re: "The Adobe donation program is not available to your organization type. "

    Hi Autumn- We also found that there was a classification that prevented us from participating in the Adobe program. However, about two years ago we were able to purchase one of their products through TS. My reading of the requirements does include historic preservation and neighborhood revitalization...
  • Forum Thread: Incorrect Information

    When we signed up, we provided incorrect information about the type of non-profit organization we are. This has disqualified us from several donations. We need to correct this information in our record. How can we do this?
  • Forum Thread: our org is not eligible for Adobe products?

    I should like to know why our not-for-profit org is not eligible for Adobe products, please. The org is registered and I am an authorized user. What is the problem? Thank you, mizdee
  • Forum Thread: trying to register organization

    I am an ed in a small town everytime I try to register my organization about the time I am to the end of the registration it takes me to a page that says it isn't available. could you please help?
  • Forum Thread: Being Rejected for Microsoft Donation

    Hi TechSoup We are a 501(c)(3) nature center and don't understand why we are being rejected by Microsoft. We don't fit the profile for ineligible organizations. Help!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Can I order ANYTHING as a House of Worship?

    Thanks tclaremont. Thanks for the info Autumn; I'll check into the partners that you suggested. So let me make sure that I have this correct: if our church propagates a specific faith (i.e. in our case, a Christian faith), that makes us ineligible for certain donations even though we - as a...
  • Forum Thread: CALs

    We are a small non-profit looking for Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Premium User CAL. The Microsoft sku is 6UA-01178. Is this available in techsoup? We can't find it.
  • Forum Thread: non-qualifification for software donations

    I would be grateful for any suggestions. We are a non profit, small, rural homecare hospice organization. I need 23 licenses for Microsolf Office Pro 2007, 2 Adobe 9. Full installs and 1 Adobe contribute. I built my budget on Tech Soup prices for upgrading donated hardware so we can "go electronic"...
  • Forum Reply: Re: qualifications

    Hi Dave, At this time, the software donation program is available only to 501(c)(3) organization and public libraries: . There are, however, many many resources on our website which could be beneficial to all nonprofits. Below are some TechSoup links which...
  • Forum Thread: Intuit Payroll

    I know I need to purchase a newer version of Quick Books, 2014. What I also need is the Intuit Payroll part. How do I find this software through TechSoup? We are non-profit. I will be purchasing 2014 Quick Books by the end of the year as mine right now is 2012.
  • Forum Thread: Terminal Service CALS for Microsoft Server 2008 Standard

    We are trying to order 2 lots of 50 (100 in all) via our 5 Branches the above CALS. I ordered Server Cals previously and our technical guys said they were NOT TS CALS? I posted a help and perhaps I am using incorrect language but it did not find anything - can you help? WE NEED THEM asap (OR BEFORE)...
  • Forum Thread: New comer

    Hi, My name is Maggie and I'm with Twin Lakes Civitan Club in Mountain Home, AR. I'm ordering something for the first time and I'm curious about what administrative fees are and when are they revealed in the ordering process. Any help out there?
  • Forum Thread: Adobe qualification for CS4,

    Hi. I'm the IT guy for a 501(c)(3) group in NY that provides direct access to people learning to use modern media for social justice. From all indicators we are in great shape to get a copy of CS4 at the reduced rate shown, but when i try to check out it says we're no qualified! We're...
  • Forum Reply: Re: eligibility?

    Hi Nat, At this time, the TechSoup Stock donation programs are available to U.S. public libraries and. 501(c)(3) nonprofits. For further information, you can review the topics in our TechSoup Stock FAQ: You can also review our article titled: A Quick...
  • Forum Thread: Login Issues?

    Hi there, I placed an order last week and was attempting late Thursday (and thru to today) to try to login and get to My Account. I am continually stuck in a loop and cannot get to My Account. I have emailed, called support today (had to hang up after 31+ minutes on hold) and have been checking your...
  • Forum Thread: Can I get a $60 refund for the 5 Windows 7 Pro upgrades I ordered?

    I just found out from Microsoft that the setup key I have is not valid for Home premium editions installed in the computers just ordered and received direct from Dell.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Problem with registering

    Hi AREYEH52, We have received reports that members are unable to complete registration when they include non-numerical characters in the budget field. Please make sure there are no symbols within the budget field before you submit your registration information (e.g. dollar signs, periods, or commas...
  • Forum Thread: ACtivating Windows 7.- Have the TechSoup Windows 7 disk - where is the product key

    In trying to go from Vista to Windows 7 - can't find a legitmate product activation key in the package sent to us. Article descriotion is " WINPRO 7 WSP1 32BT END DVD. " THe disk has a number "11812355" What is the necessary activation key? Tried to activate and now...
  • Forum Thread: Can I order ANYTHING as a House of Worship?

    Okay... so I register our church (a 501c3 non-profit organization) and join TechSoup at the prompting of a techie friend. I'm thinking that this will be a great move financially for our church since we want to catch up a bit technology-wise and our resources are limited. Our application was approved...
  • Forum Thread: I keep getting turned down...

    How can we know what software for which we are eligible? I keep getting turned down!