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Introduce Yourself Welcome! Let the TechSoup community know who you are and your connection to nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, schools and other community-focused, mission-based organizations. 3,488
TechSoup Technology Wish List What would you like to see in our donation program? Do you know of any software, hardware or other kind of technology that will make your work easier and more impactful? 449
Databases and Software Discuss software, apps, databases, CRM, operating systems, free and open source options (FOSS), and all tech tools that help engage with and track supporters, donors, volunteers, clients and projects. 10,434
Design and Web Building Strategies and advice on all aspects of building a Web presence for mission-based orgs, including Web design, SEO, analytics, hosting, and functionality. Includes discussions of accessibility and usability. 2,113
Digital Engagement Discuss email, social networks, wikis, and all community tools for building relationships with and among stakeholders. Also discuss virtual volunteering, virtual worlds, online education, e-learning, online fundraising, and online activism. 2,077
Digital Storytelling Ask questions and offer advice about digital storytelling (audio, video, slide shows and more) for mission-based organizations and causes. How can online presentation and activities attract new supporters and volunteers? 252
Hardware, Networks, and Telecommunications Discuss the physical components of technology, including desktop and laptop computers, recycled computers, servers, printers, tablets and handhelds; and networks and communications systems, including POTS, VOIP, SIP, PBX, phones, and faxing. 4,550
Mobile and Wireless Learn and share about using wireless technologies, from mobile phones to wifi. How are nonprofits, NGOs and others using wireless and handheld tech? How do you want to use it? 628
Public Computing, ICT4D, and Tech4Good Discuss resources and ideas for creating and sustaining public computer labs and community tech centers, and for using tech for community development and as a part of activities to meet your organization or program’s mission. 997
Security Discuss ways to keep devices and info secure and virus-free, and what to do when a device or system becomes infected. Discussions cover specific technologies as well as policies and training. 1,797
Soup Recipes A collection of our community's delicious soup recipes 63
Tech Careers and Opportunities at Nonprofits and Libraries Post employment and volunteer opportunities, share strategies for working in mission-based environments regarding technology/ICTs, offer advice about tech careers, and ask questions about working with ICT professionals. 1,265
Tech Planning and Policies How do you prepare for a new computer system, new software or a complete change in the computers and software you use? What policies are needed for staff regarding tech use? Discuss these and related ideas here. 986
TechSoup Program Help Ask questions and give feedback about the TechSoup online product donation program. For Canada account and program-related questions, please visit http://www.techsoupcanada.ca. 4,067
TechSoup Site Improvements Problem with the TechSoup community forum? Notice something buggy? Post any bugs you're finding and we will work to squash them. Suggestions for site improvements are also welcomed! 170
TechSoup Town Hall The virtual water cooler! Discuss and announce emerging technologies and innovations that don’t fit elsewhere in our forum categories. How will these affect nonprofits, NGOs, and others? 691