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Register for 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge Webinars

Register for 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge Webinars

  • The 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge is here!

    We are thrilled to be kicking off another year of this annual challenge and learning opportunity.

    We're especially excited to offer a packed curriculum, including webinars, tweet chats, and a special edition of our Nonprofits Live series.

    On tap to teach you everything you need to know and answer all your questions are our good friends Aaron and Dave from Lights. Camera. Help.

    They'll be answering questions in this forum (stay tuned for a proper introduction via our blog) and hosting all three of our webinars.

    Before You Push Record (Register Now)
    Thursday, February 2, 11 a.m. Pacific time
    This webinar will cover what you need to know before you record your video.  Topics include:
    • The importance of storytelling
    • Creating a script and production Guide
    • Finding free music, stock video and photography

    Capturing Your Story on Camera (Register Now)
    Thursday, February 9, 11 a.m. Pacific time
    The second webinar of the series will provide you with great tips for shooting your video.  You'll learn:
    • What equipment is right for your organization
    • How to set up a good shot
    • Considerations for capturing indoor, outdoor and event footage 

    You Have the Footage, Now What? (Register Now)
    Thursday, February 16, 11 a.m. Pacific time
    The final installment of this 3-part webinar series will help you edit and distribute your video.  We'll show you:
    • Recommendations for editing software
    • The basics of creating a more professional video
    • How to upload, tag and describe your video in order to get it seen.

    Make sure to check out our archived resources from last year, including recorded webinars, tweet chat highlights, and blog posts by experts.

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Will these webinars be recorded?

    Nerida Gill
    Admin Bandit

  • Yes!

    The webinars will be recorded. Each one will be available on the respective following Monday.

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Will CE credits be offered for these classes?

    Nicki Stohr

  • Hi, Nicki.

    CE credits will not be offered for these classes through TechSoup.

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager