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Join for TweetChats with Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Experts - Tuesdays at 11am PST #TSDigs

Join for TweetChats with Nonprofit Digital Storytelling Experts - Tuesdays at 11am PST #TSDigs

  • As you know TechSoup’s Digital Storytelling Challenge is kicking off this week! 

    To get started, we will be hosting expert Twitter Chats along the way (in addition to the two webinars!).

    Please join us TUESDAY, 1/11 from 11:00 AM to 12 noon PST with special guest, @askdebraFirstGiving Community Engagement Manager to discuss Fundraising and Storytelling. A few things we’ll be talking about:

    • What are the components of a good nonprofit video fundraising story? 
    • Compelling fundraising videos (what makes them compelling)
    • What’s more important: the nonprofit’s story or the story of the client?
    • Does technology matter? 
    • If you only have 5 pics to tell a story to raise money, what would the last one be?
    • How do you find and decide the stories you want to tell? 
    • What stories raise the most money?

    The second half hour is open for Q and A and open discussion. 

    Join in the conversation + follow along via #tsdigs tag or go straight to to jump in!

    Learn more about the Digital Storytelling Challenge, opening up for submissions January 13 through January 31 at or Join our Google Group for updates.

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • Transcript for Tuesday's TweetChat with FirstGiving's @askdebra can be found HERE

    #TSDigs is still going on Twitter! And we'll be back with another nonprofit storytelling expert (announced soon!) next week.

    Tune back into TweetChat January 18 at 11am PST. (And Tuesday after that, January 25!)

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • We will be hosting two more live Twitter chats throughout TSDigs! Join us, with nonprofit expert hosts @see3 and @causes, to explore different aspects of storytelling.

    Tuesday, January 18, 11am PST
    How to personalize your story and different ways to engage your viewer (think Arcade Fire video) with nonprofit storytelling rockstar @See3 Communications, currently working with YouTube's DoGooder Awards.

    Tuesday, January 25, 11am PST
    Different ways to use story to affect change, with guest @causes, the social application supporting Oscar winning movie The Cove (along with thousands of fundraising and activism efforts). 

    Tune in:

    Never participated in a Twitter Chat? Check out this post from @RJLeaman of WildApricot, and the transcript of lively conversation around fundraising and storytelling, hosted by @FirstGiving.

    "The Digital Storytelling Twitterchat w/ @ & @ was interesting and super helpful for @ " -@YouthUpRising

    More information on the TSDigs Challenge, including the upcoming webinar on Tools for Digital Storytelling and how to enter (by January 31st!) on the TechSoup website.


    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • Here's an idea of what we'll be talking about with @See3 on today's Live Twitter Chat:

    • What are some examples of personalized digital stories?
    • How can you make a specific story about a universal/bigger cause?
    • What are ways to connect stories with common issues?
    • Do you tell the story of the people serving, or of the organization/people serving?
    • What are tools can use to pull information abt your audience and how use in storytelling?
    • What are some creative/different ways you've seen video being delivered?
    • How can you put into action an otherwise static story (ie, volunteers doing paperwork)?
    • How are people using social components/sharing to engage and personalize story?

    What questions (or answers) do you have?

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • Here is the transcript from the #TSDigs chat with @see3 and highlights on the TechSoup Blog!

    Check the Discussion forums for continued discussion and questions.

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team