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Multimedia software favorites?

Multimedia software favorites?

  • In this excerpt from Idealware's Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits, they cover audio editing, video editing and sharing, and podcasting. What are your favorite tools to use for these things?

    Do you use Audacity or something else for your sound editing? What about video? Are you fan of Adobe Premiere Elements? Do you share your videos on blip or somewhere else? And how do you put together your podcasts?

    Share your favorites here.

    Becky Wiegand is the Webinar Program Manager at
    @bajeckabean on Twitter

  • Audacity always meets my audio-editing needs.

    Our Marketing team has tried several lower-cost video editing packages (i.e., not Adobe), but I don't think they've really been happy with any of them. I've used Kino for personal video editing projects, but I think it's Linux-only.

    David Janke

  • I'm using Audacity now but I really miss Cool Edit 2000 which Adobe bought the company for their multichannel editor and discontinued the two / four channel editor.  But it was fast, opened a wav file in seconds not minutes.


    For video in a presentation role I was surprised to find Nero essentials that came bundled with a DVD drive to be quite adequate. 

    In the arena we were using Excel - Power Point - Slide shows - and Video.  We used three laptops and a KVM switch to select the source, that was simultaneously projected on 4 10' screens

    I used the Nero editor to load the clip and then switched to full screen mode.   I was pleased that in full screen there were no controls visible on the screen, standard key board short cuts (space bar) to start and stop the video, it played with out skipping or hitches, and the audio stayed synced to the video.

    Obviously I'm bugged when presenters show their desktop, excessive mouse movements, menus or other distractions to the content being displayed.


  • Great suggestions. I used to love ULead's video editing programs, but haven't used it in a couple of years. We've done some webcasts with audio editing using Audacity and it's worked well, though I haven't used much else so don't really know how it compares.

    We did a webinar a few months back with the guy from Common Craft, where they make video tutorials for a bunch of tasks (like how to use Twitter) and he talked about the step-by-step process they use, including which software and tools. It was pretty interesting and may be a useful thing to view for anyone interested in creating their own professional sounding videos. Tech Training Made Simple with Online Videos

    I was impressed at how well they turn out with such a low-tech process and minimal staff (him) creating them.

    Becky Wiegand is the Webinar Program Manager at
    @bajeckabean on Twitter

  • I am using this [link removed by admin], I think it is good.