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What video-sharing site do your recommend?

What video-sharing site do your recommend?

  • What should a nonprofit consider before uploading videos to the Web? In your experience, what have been the benefits -- and the risks? Has your nonprofit uploaded video? If you did upload, which video-sharing site do you recommend? Why?

    For help on deciphering sites' terms of service agreements and privacy policies, along with a comparison of the fine print of eight video-sharing sites, read TechSoup's article Understanding Video-Sharing Sites' Terms of Service.
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  • We have been using Google video for a couple of months now.

    We have found it really effective, especially with distibuting small catchy video to explain a donation type (sponsor a child) or a concept.

    It EMBEd's works well see, and it plays really quickly with out a load on our servers.

    Main challenge is the thumbnail at 5 seconds. That is can be a challenge to organize. Autoload=true helps the video start on it's own.
  • I personally use REVVER. They share advertising revenue with the content owners--us. 
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  • I've been doing much research into the matter and am building a sub site for my site about it... I think that the answer depends on what do you want to accomplish? If you want to just spread the word of your nonprofit then probably the best bet would be to go with Youtube or google video, because they have the largest viewereship.

    However, if you want to use your video to not only raise awareness but raise money there are very interesting video revenue sharing sites that are popping up (almost everyday!). The largest ones right now are revver, and metacafe. Each has their own different revenue share program.

    There is one that I am pretty excited about right now and seems to be expanding everyday both with members and applications called What is exciting about magnify is that they give you all the tools to produce your own video channael either hosted on their site or on yours. There are many ways to edit the application to make it match the look of your site or to make it what you want. For example they just added a blog plug in, so in effect you can use this tool both as a blog and a video sharing site.

    You can check out a trial site that I am working on at

    What is cool is that it searches all the other video sharing sites for videos related to whatever keyword that you submit and automatically uploads the videos onto your site. I searched for fundraising and this is what I got. I did have to go over the videos and delete the ones that were trash but they make this process pretty simple to do:

    Not only is this tool free but they will share the revenue of the adsense and revver with you 50/50 so it can be used as a fundraiser as well! New Fundraising Ideas Using the Internet First Online Dictionary Totally Dedicated to Fundraising
  • Hi all, I would recommend using It is a videos share site that is just for video advice on any topic. So if you do not want to get distracted with videos that are useless and want advice from health to starting a business or even accounting classes. I would go here. It was created by a company that helps non-profits. I hope this
  • I think that it depends on your marketing and communication goals for the video. Also, you don't have to stick with just one video hosting site, you can distribute on multiple sites.

    Advice from David Tames is one of the best articles I've read recently about video hosting sites.

    The summary:

    A question remains: Which of the many video sharing sites should you use? The answer really depends on your goals for the video. Lots of "top ten" video sharing sites type articles are available on the web just a Google search away, so rather than reiterate what's out there, I'm going to discuss a short list of sites that may be of interest to independent filmmakers and some of the qualitative aspects of the various sites that make them appealing. Then we'll conclude with a walkthrough of the process of preparing and uploading your short video for sharing on the web.
  • Mainly video sharing sites share videos of various category .But we make a list
    of some video sharing sites support only one category.Choose your video type.