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TechSoup Community Forum 2012: Year in Review (& Predictions for 2013?)

TechSoup Community Forum 2012: Year in Review (& Predictions for 2013?)

  • It's been a very busy year on the TechSoup Community Forum - and the year isn't even over yet! I was going to do a list of What was hot in the TechSoup community forum in 2012? list, but the list got so long, I gave up. Instead, I offer this:

    In 2012, as of the day I'm posting now, there have been more than:

    That's more than 900 active threads on the TechSoup Forum - and that's not counting all of the threads in association with introductions or Wish List suggestions. And altogether, that adds up to more than a few thousand posts in 2012. Whew! 

    It's also worth noting that almost every question posted in the forum in 2012 got some kind of answer - certainly all those posted in the TechSoup Program Help branch got answered by TechSoup staff, but a combination of employees and volunteers, at TechSoup and various other organizations, helped answer almost all of the questions posted elsewhere in the forum in 2012. To all those who volunteered advice in 2012 - thank you and well done!

    Do you have a highlight from the TechSoup Community forum in 2012 - a thread you found particularly helpful, topics that inspired or challenged you, a thread that you enjoyed?

    And what topics or activity would you like to see in 2013 on the the TechSoup Community forum? What issues around computers, handheld/mobile devices, software, emerging technologies and technology integration do you predict will be "hot" in 2013 at nonprofits, NGOs, libraries, government agencies, schools, community groups or any mission-based initiative?

  • Jayne,

    My favorite thing from 2012 isn't anything new. It is simply the fact that these forums are here for people to dip into for advice when they need it. I think it's definitely an achievement that all the posted questions got some kind of answer.

    Best wishes for the New Year!


    Sasha Daucus
    Volunteer TechSoup Moderator

  • I've asked a similar question on our Facebook page: what tech challenges did you overcome in 2012?

    Some responses included

    • Using Google to survey community
    • Starting desktop support with little knowledge of Windows
    • Implementing an org-wide communications plan (this one is still in progress)

    Did anyone else tackle any tech hurdles this year? We'd love to hear about that here in our forums!

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager