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Best malware to use for win 8?

Best malware to use for win 8?

  • Dear Yann & Gary;

    Can someone please tell me what is the best malware to use for win 8?  I am, by no means a pro.

    Thanks to Everyone,

    Most Respectfully,

    Jeff Lopez / CEO

    A New Hope For Tucson Foundation

  • Hello Jeff,

    I have 2 personal favorites as they've been very successful for me. 

    1) Malwarebytes

    2) SuperAntiSpyware

    Sometimes these aren't viable options as malware can sometimes block the tools necessary for removal.  In cases like that, I've had to use other tools such as HitmanPro or Hiren's Boot CD when infections were so bad that the system wouldn't boot into safe mode. 

    Is there a particular infection that you are trying to get rid of?  I hope this helps.

    Best of luck,


    Gary Network/Systems Admin Berlin, NH
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  • Hi Jeff,

    Gary's two favorites are mine as well.  I strongly recommend those tools.

    Have you been hit with malware?

    Try those 2 programs.  Let them scan your computer and remove any infections found.  I would use both of these tools, but only use one of them at a time -- it's best not to run them both together at the same time.

    Keep us posted!


    Yann Toledano, Digital Marketing Strategist
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  • If I may Add, aside from running Malwarebytes

    depending on your symptoms

    1. browser being redirected, taken over, lots of adds ..etc

    a. AdwCleaner

    b. Hitman pro (just install for a one time scan and it's free)

    2. Programs popping up on your screen, random windows opening..etc

    1. RogueKiller

    (these can all be gotten from "")

  • Hi Jeff, I hope you're finding what you need - some good advice here. Also see this TS article on security - you might find it helpful:

    Chris Delatorre, TS Forum Community Manager | twitter @urbanmolecule