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Trouble downloading Symantec Back-up Exec and burnung to a DVD

Trouble downloading Symantec Back-up Exec and burnung to a DVD

  • I recently purchased Symanted Backup exec 2010 13.0. It is the NFR version so I have to download it from Symantec's FTP site. It seems like it downloaded ok. There are five separate DVD.iso files and then you can create a disk image file. All of that seems to be ok but I'm having a problem when I try to burn it to a DVD. In some cases it says that windows disk image burner could not recognise the file format. After numerous attempts it did recognise the file format and burned a disk but when I try to use the disk to install the software I get an error message saying:

    Error 193 Loading DVD Browser Plugin D:\Bin\Browserops.dlll%1 is not a valid Win 32 application.


    I don't know what to do at this point. I have tried different DVD authoring software and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

  • Hi, Dmalec1.

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    Here is a page that might be helpful for you, regarding downloading TechSoup donations.

    And you might also find something helpful here at the Symantec Website Knowledge Base.

    I'll put the word out to our community and see if anyone might have some helpful advice!

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • When you say "you can create a disk image file" does that mean that you are using the authoring software to create an image from the dvd.iso file? If so, that might be the source of your problem as the dvd.iso is already an image file. You should just burn the image to a disc.

  • It looks like your image is corrupt.  Try downloading the single ISO and  also download the MD5 hash and use it verify the integrity of the downloaded image. You can also go to and download the image from the trialware site. Your serial number should work either way.  

  • Thanks, I will give that a try.