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Would you share your computers with non-staff?

Would you share your computers with non-staff?

  • Would you consider sharing your nonprofit's computers with non-staff for training, educational, or even recreational purposes?
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  • We would not be able to share due to sensitive information. We used to have a computer for public use in our waiting room to obtain health information online, but had to remove it due to inappropriate viewing.

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  • Yes, I would love to offer my computers and lab space to anything that deals with learning and the betterment of humanity

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  • No. A company's business computers are acquired and configured to meet the expressed needs of the business. Those needs are often in conflict with the needs of a training environment.

    Blocking access to sensitive data isn't a problem (networked) but the last thing I want to see are employees who are unproductive because some student re-arranged all their icons, gave them Hanna Montana wallpaper and/or generally made their mission-critical computers unworkable.

    On the other hand, whenever my clients buy a new batch of workstations, I recommend that a few of the older but still functional units be reconfigured and locked down for training or other casual purposes.