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Wisdom of the Crowd(funding)

Wisdom of the Crowd(funding)

  • If you joined us for our webinar Wisdom of the Crowd(funding) on August 15, 2013 — or if you're just interested in crowdfunding and want to know more, please ask your questions here!

    In our webinar, we heard from Rob Wu of CauseVox, Carter Gibson of Little Big Fund, and Bill Cesare of Teespring. All three shared tips for how to crowdfund your cause.

    Please leave a note to let us know what you learned or if you have further questions. We'll do our best to make sure they get answered by our experts—or we'll crowdsource the answers from our smart community! 

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Thanks to all the presenters!

    Is a nonprofit participating in crowdfunding subject to state solicitation registration requirements?   If so, am I correct in assuming that the nonprofit, rather than the crowfunder platform (ie CauseVox), is responsible for registering in any states which require such?

    D Doennig


  • Great question, D!

    I'll see what our experts have to say and get back to you very soon!

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Hi D,

    Thanks for making it out to our webinar -- we hoped you enjoyed it!

    You have a great question which would be best geared towards a lawyer, but typically when doing crowdfunding, you the nonprofit would be subject to any registration requirements. This is similar to when you are doing any type of online fundraising.

    Rob Wu, CauseVox

  • We were not able to attend. Is it possible to get the recorded copy of the webinar. Is there any investment required for crowd funding.

  • The webinar is recorded here:

  • See examples below for successful TechSoup member Teespring campaigns.  And the only out-of-pocket expense was the $20 admin fee.  More about the Teespring program can be found here.

    MARSOC Foundation

    American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO)

    Barb, TechSoup Senior Relationship Manager