Does your organization provide guidance on how you want employees, volunteers - even consultants - to talk about their work at your organization on social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, descriptions on Flickr, etc.)?

Does your organization have a list of words that it asks employees and volunteers to never use on social media when speaking as a staff member of your org?

This comes to mind per an article about how the online behavior of athletes at universities in Kentucky (and probably many other universities) is monitored. You can see the list of prohibited words in the article. (I've no idea why Déjà vu is on there).

Players can tweet whatever they'd like, but any time something under the database is sent out into the ether that includes a phrase or word with negative connotations to it, Kentucky and Louisville officials are alerted immediately by email.

Does your organization have such a list? If you decide you need such, would you allow volunteers to participate in putting together such a list?