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Cause-driven "Life Events" for Facebook Timeline

Cause-driven "Life Events" for Facebook Timeline

  • I've seen more than a few posts today about a new-ish feature for nonprofits and other mission-based organizations that are using Facebook.

    For example, to promote organ donation, Facebook added a “life event” feature in the Timeline publisher allowing users to indicate when they became an organ donor. Moreover, if users have not registered as an organ donor, they can click a link from that window taking them to an appropriate site to do so. 

    Donate Life California reported a 5,105 percent increase in online organ donor registrations a day after Facebook built in links for users to register and publicize their organ donor status on Timeline.

    Facebook also added a "Started Volunteering" life event, and the Red Cross is encouraging its volunteers to use it. (Hat tip to Zan McCulloch-Lussier for sharing this via Mixtape Communications.)

    We asked over Twitter what life event your org would add if it could, and YouthLink responded to say it would add "Became an Advocate for Homeless Youth" as a life event.

    What sort of life events would you like to see added that pertain to your org? Will you use any of the existing life events? Perhaps encourage your Facebook fans to create one of their own related to your org's mission using "other life event"?

    Not sure how to use life events on Facebook? Check out this tutorial.

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • Thanks for the shout out! It would be great to add a "moved a mission forward" event every time someone donates to an organization.