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New Starter Social Media Curriculum and Live Twitter Chats in May

New Starter Social Media Curriculum and Live Twitter Chats in May

  • During the month of May, TechSoup will be featuring content and hosting four live Twitter chats, focused on various topics covered in our new Nonprofit Social Media 101 wiki. For an explanation on how the chats will work, read How to Participate in a Twitter Chat.

    Join us Mondays in May at 9 am Pacific time (12 noon Eastern), as we discuss:

    We will be posting more details and answering your questions here in our forum and on Twitter - follow us @techsoup!

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • Some of the questions we will cover:

    • Difference between pages, groups, profiles
    • What type of info is best to share on Facebook
    • How to grow your community - campaigns, games, outreach, ads?
    • Tools and examples of fundraising
    • Newest tools and updates to know about (like the new recommend button)
    • Best resources/ways to stay current on Facebook changes

    Join us at or tag/follow #npfacebook


    Social Media 101 TweetChat: Facebook (The Recap, Blog post)


    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • In case you missed the last TweetChat, here are the highlights.

    This Monday, May 9 at 9am PST, join us for the 2nd in our NPSM101 series as we discuss Twitter for nonprofits.

    Some topics we'll go over:

    • What makes a great tweet? Including examples of best tweets we've seen.
    • Who should be tweeting for your organization?
    • What tools should you use (or not use) for pushing your content to Twitter and/or across channels?
    • How much is too much? Or not enough? 
    • What are the most common mistakes or misunderstanding organizations make using Twitter?

    What questions do you have or would like to know? Post to comments or tag #NPTwitter. 

    Join the conversation now:

    NEW TO LIVE TWITTER CHATS? Check out our beginner TweetChat screencast and overview: Click here.

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • UPDATE: For the raw transcript, click HERE. We made it an open Doc in case there are specific resources or tweets you think would be helpful to the nonprofit community - please highlight (using bold or color formatting) and/or add notes here in the comments or in the document. Thank you!

    Kristy Graves
    Online Community Team

  • Thanks to everyone who came to the Nonprofit Video TweetChat this morning. In case you missed it — or if you were there but want to review — HERE is the raw transcript. It's an open document, so please highlight the tweets you think are the most helpful and add any resources we missed into the notes section. You can also add any comments below in the forum. Look for a blog post to be live soon with a recap of the chat.

    For the blog recap of last week's Nonprofit Twitter TweetChat, click HERE.

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • The recap with highlights from the Nonprofit Video TweetChat is up, and it does a fantastic job of capturing the fast-paced conversation and many resources shared during the discussion.

    We're wrapping up the Nonprofit Social Media 101 curriculum with one last chat this Monday, May 23 at 9:00 a.m. PT. Join us by following #NPTagging on Twitter, or in the TweetChat room at

    We'll be discussing the way the web uses folksonomies — cooporative classification — instead of traditional hierarchical systems of organization, and how your organization can best take advantage of this.

    Tagging is used in almost all major social sites, including five of the six we feature in our newly launched NPSM101 wiki — Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. If you're already using any of those sites for your organization, this TweetChat will teach you some ways to maximize their impact.

    Please join in on Monday, and help spread the word!

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager

  • The #NPTagging TweetChat this morning was energetic and packed full of resources and ideas. We'll have a full recap soon, but in the meantime, here is the RAW TRANSCRIPT.

    As always, please feel free to add notes or highlight any tweets you think are full of good take-aways for our recap.

    Michael DeLong | Online Community Manager