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Recommended Online File Sharing sites?

Recommended Online File Sharing sites?

  • Can someone recommend a site where nonprofits can share files at a low/no cost? Some files are too large to send by email and I am looking for alternatives. Google Docs has limits on file sizes that are too small. Others I have seen include,,,

    Any recommendations? Thank you!

  • Hi Teija--

    Pando is one free service that I've used (and for some pretty large video files).  Check out this past discussion that gives some additional options that are low/no coast.

    Megan Keane

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  • Thanks, Megan! I was trying to find a previous discussion on this topic, but this didn't show up in a general search. I'll look into Pando and YouSendIt next. Anyone else?

  • You can also try,, or I usually use or as well. Haven't tried Pando though, have to give it a shot.

  • We use It's reliable, intuitive, private, and only $10 a year for 1GB of storage.


  • I was reading up on Pando, but unfortunately it won't work for my needs.  The files are only available for a few weeks to a few months - depending on if you are using the free version or the paid version.  Knowing the people I e-mail they would tend to sit on something for two months and one day and have it expire.  It would be great for immediate use though, so I do appreciate the information!

  • We are trying out Dropbox, and so far so good.  You can get 2 gigs of storage for free, and the sharing, updating, downloading are seamless.  Go to

    Tami Zavislan

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  • There is a service called Huddle for creating workspaces to share files and manage projects. They have a Foundation responsible for providing donations to charities.

    This is the link to the information about non-profit support:

    This is the link to the application:

    I applied for the organization I support and we received a response in about a week and the donated an account for use by SARDAA.

    Hope this helps





  • If your organization has its own website that is hosted by a service provider, you can upload / download files from your host using Windows explorer or a simple FTP program. This will allow you to assign passwords, etc and control how long the file is in place.

    Tim Claremont
    Systems Administrator
    Rochester, NY

  • works pretty well.

    I'm having a hard time getting people to use it, though, they'd rather forward multiple copies of large emails! Maybe I'll check out some of these other suggestions to see if they can possibly be easier.

  • I hightly recommend Opera Unite, it's a product from the same company that bring us the popular Opera web browser, and it's extremely easy to use and implement. Have a look at the video too


  • I have used TransferBigFiles and DropBox successfully. Both are free.


  • Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that would allow you to create a password protected place to share files?

  • I don't know about a plugin.  Couldn't you set up a private page and have links to download files. Of course, the files couldn't be that big, but it would work for forms, registration, lists, minutes.


  • Thank you for your reply. The situation is the owner/user of the site has limited web experience and I want something that she can do easily. Want to have a plugin that would upload the files and create the links for her.  I've found plugins that work with images and videos, but not other kinds of files.