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Alternative to Yahoo! and Google Groups

Alternative to Yahoo! and Google Groups

  • Anyone have a tool that they can recommend for a  that's as friendly as Yahoo! and more personable than Google?

    I need one for my board. We want to email, store documents and maybe add a photo or two. Free is our very first option. Very cheap can be considered as well.





  • How about ?

    Morris Cox | Network Technologist | Red Rock Center for Independence | St. George, Utah

  •  Not free - but worth the price since it's so clearly designed anyone with one look can figure it out.  It is built for exactly that - group discussion, store documents, and photos automatically display in a gallery.  One downside, you can't reply to the email - you have to go to click a link in the email going to the site, which can be an impediment for part time users.  Or opensource activeCollab if you're willing to host and maintain it, but the staff time will cost you more. Central Desktop is one step up in price and functionality and includes the ability to reply to the mailing list via email.

  • Thanks you guys, I"ll check out both of these tools.

  • try  it's free with ads.

  • I don't think I said thank you - Sorry I've been very busy.


    Thank you for your post. I'm not sure the org can afford it at this time and I'm saving it as a resource for now.



  • I really dig basecamp and it's not just the cost, but this group is extremely low tech and with low resources so unfortunately they'd hate it.

    Great suggestion however.

    Thank you very much,


  • This just might be the ticket!!!

    Free with free calendaring!


    Thank  you,


  • Here's another low cost alternative for collaboration tools,


  • I know it's an old post, but I just came across this.  I'm in a pick-up league that uses  It works pretty well.  Much better than yahoo groups.

  • Try GroupSpaces - for anyone else who finds this, you could check it out as an alternative to yahoo groups - it provides multiple email lists along with website, member management and document storage