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    I'm a newbie at this. My organization is about to begin sending email newsletters. I designed one using Microsoft Publisher that is 2 pages. Is there a way to email a 2 page newsletter in the body of the email or do I have to send it as an attachment?
  • Hi PDC,

    You can send the newsletter in the body of the email, if you design it in html. When you do this, it wouldn't be two pages, but designed as one long page.

    If you want to send it in a way that looks like the 'paper' newsletter, you would need to convert it to a pdf. That would then be sent as an attachment to the email.

    Hope that helps,

    Sasha Daucus
    Volunteer TechSoup Moderator

  • Your other option is to post your news letter on your web site and email a link to the news letter. What you have to determine is what is the most convenient for your constituency that is doable for you.

    If you are staying with publisher, I'd suggest the PDF route. But others contend that if your member has to click something else in the email they will not do it and won't read the newsletter.

  • You could also look at an e-newsletter service - they design a template, manage subscriber list, archive previous issues, etc.... My organization uses Industry Mailout, but there are others.

    Otherwise, if you have a large subscriber list, you'll have to figure out how you'll manage that list. When I manually managed our list, it took at least three hours a week, and it was very frustrating sometimes.

    Good luck - newsletters are fun!
  • If it's only two pages and you're not skilled in HTML or any web design program, then attaching it or going through a service is probably your best bet. Constant Contact is one I've used. A service will take the technical part out of sending a "pretty" email - and you can save templates.

    I put out a 20 page newsletter monthly. We found that attaching a 20 page PDF was impossible - too big!

    While we do link a PDF to our website, we also make the body of the email look very similar to the actual newsletter (through an HTML program) to entice people to click. And for the most part, they do...