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How to recruit and manage technical volunteers

How to recruit and manage technical volunteers

  • Has your nonprofit used a technical volunteer? How does your organization go about recruiting him or her? What were the volunteer's tasks? How did you manage the relationship? What tips would you offer other nonprofits that are thinking of finding a volunteer?

    If you're looking for additional advice, check out TechSoup's worksheet Working with Technical Volunteers: A Manual for NPOs. After you read it, share your feedback and questions here.
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  • Kudos to the people who wrote this guide.

    This is a very good advice.
  • Also see this related resource at the Virtual Volunteering Project regarding recruiting "technical" volunteers (meaning those who assist staff at a nonprofit).

    There's also Short-term assignments for tech volunteers and Finding a Computer/Network Consultant.

    Jayne Cravens
    TechSoup Community Forum Manager

  • Very good manual.  It would be good if the pdf one is a full version and not only three chapters.

  • Sorry for the problem with the PDF file. It somehow was truncated when it was uploaded and has since been fixed. You can now access the full volunteer manual in either Word or PDF formats.

    Thanks for letting us know!


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