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Online conferencing solutions for nonprofits

Online conferencing solutions for nonprofits

  • Have you used online conferencing software to host meetings or trainings for your organization? Have you held a virtual meeting in Second Life? Do you have a favorite tool -- free or paid -- that fulfills your voice, chat, IM, document sharing, and conferencing needs that everyone else should know about?

    If so, here's the place to share it! As part of TechSoup's TeleGreening Your Work campaign starting next week, we'll be talking about all kinds of great tools for reducing travel while increasing your effectiveness. Online conferencing tools for webinars and virtual meetings are a big part of that so share your favs below. Check out our new article on how using online conferencing tools is a great way to go green as well!

    We'll update this thread with articles, blog posts, and other tidbits relevant to the conversation as the campaign launches.

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  • Good topic! One of the boards I serve has a state-wide footprint, and they wanted to explore the possibility of using Skype for this purpose.  I will be experimenting with it, but I'm not yet certain that we can do multiple-party VIDEO-conferencing via skype. And I don't want to ask the board to download it and try it if we're not going to keep it.

  • We've recently started using a tool called dim dim.  It has a good deal of functionality from document sharing to whiteboards and even desktop sharing.  However, customer service is somewhat slow and everyone sitting in on a webinar needs to have the most recent versions of browsers and flash.  Otherwise, it has been great.  We have held multiple webinars with 30+ attendees each and have had great feedback.

  • Dim Dim may be a good solution for web conferencing but from last few years companies using adobe connect pro for online webinar,teleconferencing,video conferencing and audio conferencing which has got all the option we required and using adobe connect pro solution thousand of person can attend one or multiple webinar at same time

  • mnagi, I noticed you've posted this comment in several other online forums. What is your relationship with Adobe? Please be aware of our Community Rules & Standards which prohibit self-promotion of any kind here in the forums. If your intent was to offer help, you need to disclose any relationship you have with solutions you suggest.




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  • We use on premise RHUB web conferencing and remote support appliances. We think it is a better solution as compared to hosted services as it is only a one-time cost and no hassles of monthly payments.