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Newsletter Software

Newsletter Software

  • Our Newsletter Printer pullled the plug on our Newsletter 1 week before mailout.

    I am looking for Newsletter software or any type of software that I can use for our Newsletter. Would any of you be able to recommend anything that we would be able to use?
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  • We are also looking into a newsletter - but an E-newsletter to save paper!

    Anyone know of a FREE way to achieve this?
  • Hi, Evergreen Theatre,

    My understanding is the Vertical Response has a program for nonprofits. You can set up an account for free. Last I heard, nonprofits could get the service free for up to 10,000 addresses.

    I haven't used it myself but have heard it recommended many times here at TechSoup.

    Hope that helps,

    Sasha Daucus
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  • We use an in house software called Campaign Enterprise. it helps to have some HTML knowledge. But they have templates you could use.
  • I've been using Vertical Response for e-newsletters for the last few months and it is pretty great. It is free and they give you a few options for crafting your newsletter, from all html to a full template and a good in between mix. They have good resources and pretty good support and provide you with fun tracking data for each email you send out. Overall, I'd say it is a great tool for small nonprofits.
  • What sort of newsletter is it?

    If it is an online newspaper type thing, you could look at creating something using Wordpress or Blogger.

    If it is an eNewsletter - where you send HTML to people via email - I quite like

    If it is a printed newsletter - you could try putting it together in Microsoft Word. Microsoft publisher is also quite straight forward. Depending on how you plan to distribute it - you could change it into a pdf and email it out, or send it to you printers.

    You could also do a search to see if a Print Shop offers online newsletter development - where you put your articles into their template, and they print off the newsletter.

    There are also other options - but I would need to know more about your situation.

    Email me if you like.