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Do you use email disclaimers?

Do you use email disclaimers?

  • What type of email disclaimers do you use at your organization (or don't you)? Do you have different ones for different emails/recipients? Share your thoughts on how to protect your organization from legal messes with email disclaimers.

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  • We do use email disclaimers in our organization. Our standard disclaimer is one which was recommended by our attorneys, which is probably the best way to come up with a disclaimer that covers everything it should.

    This, of course, applies to emails sent through our individual work email accounts. Bulk emails that go to our members are sent through a service and contain all of the required bells and whistles.

    Mike Kirros IS Coordinator Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund Midwest Regional Office

  • For anyone interested, here's a good site that explains email disclaimers and includes examples of their different uses:

    I agree with Mike that it's always a smart idea to get a lawyer involved in preparing one for you.


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