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Google Search Tips

Google Search Tips

  • Are your Google searches yielding thousands of results, none of them quite what you're looking for? Check out TechSoup's article Turbo-Charge Your Google Search, where you'll find 23 easy shortcuts to help you find the information you need.

    Know of other helpful Google search shortcuts -- or tips for using other types of search engines? Let us know here.
    senior editor, TechSoup
  • I've also used a lot of tips for Google searching from this article. In particular, I think tips on using different search operators is very useful. I hadn't even known most of these existed!

    It's a good reminder to know that there are easy ways to make my search more effective without a lot of extra effort on my part (and potentially save time in the long run, since I'm more likely to get at what I'm looking for more precisely.

    The other thing that's good to keep in mind is that Google is constantly changing its search engine ever so slightly to improve its functionality, so it's helpful to keep re-visiting what strategies are most effective over time.


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  • Great tips!
    My favorite tip is the Google Calculator (just type the calculation you want into the search box), beats waiting for Excel to load or trying to find the Calculator app.
  • The calculator is neat, but even neater is the link on the page to google help center

    it lists a bunch of features and descriptions like a currency converter and a definition of "I'm feeling lucky"