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Charity Badges: A Good Way to Raise Funds?

Charity Badges: A Good Way to Raise Funds?

  • In TechSoup's article Charity Badges: Turn Your Supporters into Fundraisers, we show you how charity badges have helped some nonprofits raise money, and describe the features of three free charity badge services.

    Have you tried any of these services? Would you consider using widgets for you organization? Tell us here.
    senior editor, TechSoup
  • "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. :tongue;
    Call me the Happy Crab
  • Great piece Brian, thanks. Something I missed, when I posted something on the same topic yesterday...

    Widgets of the world unite...
  • Hey, thanks Steve. Quite an informative post you've penned on the subject. Feel free to add our article to the blog.

    Brian Satterfield Staff Writer
  • I found myself here and thought I'd add a plug for a recent case study I did on widget fundraising

    And, a list of resources and case studies:

    I highly recommend Steve's post - very informative.