Here at Network for Good*, we’ve created a personal fundraising widget (aka Charity Badge) and we encourage you to try them out (they are free).

Any one (individual, group, nonprofit) can make a badge by uploading photos and text, linking to a video (optional), and fundraising for any of more than one million charities. In designing the badge, we put the spotlight on the individual fundraiser for two reasons: first, the number one reason people give is because someone asks them (especially someone they know) and second, people like to create things with their personal imprint. The badge enables this, plus it tracks donations in real time so people can see the difference they are making. Network for Good processes the donations and transfers the funds directly to the nonprofit.

On our site, you can build a badge for your nonprofit and give it to your supporters—or let them create their own. Better yet, create it through Yahoo!’s Network of Giving campaign and your nonprofit could receive up to $50,000 in matching funds, plus billing on Yahoo!’s web site. To enter this, you need to be sure to register your badge on Yahoo! after you create it – there is a link for doing that on our site when after you get your badge.

Example of a charity badge in action on a nonprofit web site:

- Example of a charity badge in action on a blog:

- What others (Democracy in Action, for example) have to say:

- How people can make their own:

- How you register your charity badge for the Yahoo! contest:

- Charity Badge blog for feedback and information:

*If you are unfamiliar with Network for Good, we’re a nonprofit that, among other things, makes online giving available for all nonprofits big and small. We’ve raised and distributed over $100 million to 20,000 charities since inception in 2001.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments --

Victoria Kindon
Network for Good, Dir. of Strategic Projects
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