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What's the best blogging platform?

What's the best blogging platform?

  • ;) One more reason to host your own system like Drupal or Joomla. 
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  • BYW, the Blogger platform has its own TOS nws Google's own tos. Building a business model that includes a Google product (platform) could backfire ... Google has been known to change things midstream anyway, making developer APi's, promoting an app then changing app.
  • WordPress is the best blogging tool out there today.

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  • Hi James--


    Can you elaborate on why your recommend this platform? Please have a look at our Community Rules & Standards. This is an old discussion, but we're happy to have your additional input provided it is not just to promote a product or service.




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  • A relatively new blogging platform is Tumblr. It's strength is its absolute simplicity to setup and post content. The templates are beautiful and most are Smart Phone enabled. The disadvantage is that it's not as flexible as many of the other blogging platforms. It favors simplicity over flexibility which is not such a bad thing.

    It may also be worth investigating if there a blogging platform for your niche area. I work with a blogging platform for people working on Christian missions called Again it focuses on simplicity over flexibility providing all the key features that someone working in this area would need.



  • Tumblr may be ok but I have the same warning about it that I do about We used to have about 60 blogs with Blogger and were very happy. But then they wanted to make some changes in their policy and that didn't work for us. I had to make static copies of all our blogger blogs and I am still working to install and set up new software for them so we can start blogging again.

    The point is that if you depend on a free blogging platform for something important, you may have problems at some point. With all the free software and hosting as cheap as $2 a month there is no reason to pay your own way and avoid future problems.

    We have not tested all the possible blogging software out there, but we have tested the most popular and a number of others. We have pretty much standardized on b2evolution ( ) for our blogs. It's pretty easy to get started with it, has a log of features that most people want, and is configured to support multiple blogs in the standard install. If you want something to have many blogs with one install that supports different templates for each, you should take a look at it.