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Giving Thanks to TechSoup Donor Partners 2009-2010

Giving Thanks to TechSoup Donor Partners 2009-2010

  • We've received Microsoft XP and Office 2003 as well as Giftworks.

    Without XP or Office we wouldn't be able to do our day to day stuff (let alone run our computer!). Without Giftworks we wouldn't be able to keep track of our donors or their donations.

    We use Office to create our newsletters, fliers, letters, postcards etc.

    We use Giftworks for donation and donor tracking, receipts, thank you's, mailing lists and email lists.

    As a very small organization (less then $7,000 in income for 2009) and all volunteer run TechSoup and their partners have helped us grow our organization!


    Rebecca Rodgers


    SPCA of Franklin County

    North Carolina

  • Our chapter of Dollars for Scholars received several licenses for the Office suite.  The publisher program is one that our members don't usually buy on their own and it is so helpful to have it available so that our different members can compose and edit brochures and fliers to sent to our donors.  It has made a huge difference to our organization as we raise scholarship money for qualified seniors continuing their education beyond high school.

    Thank you for making these available through TechSoup which also provides all sorts of webinars and background information on what small nonprofits would find useful.  Super organization that really serves a need among us volunteers.  No paid staff or much money for office supplies.


  • Dear TechSoup,

    We want to thank TechSoup and the vendors we've purchased donated products from, including Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, and Symantec. Our agency, Hispanic Counseling Center, serves over 5,000 clients per year, mostly very low income Latinos, with a range of human services such as counseling, treatment, family services, and programs for children and youth at risk. We have 60 staff, all bilingual and bicultural, mostly social workers.

    A year ago we had to do an "extreme makeover" of our IT platform. With the help of donated products we estimated that we saved about $8,000. Without these savings we wouldn't have been able to bring our network up to date. This was critical to accomplish because of the requirements of our funding sources, the trend toward electronic health records, and the need for secure web-based systems. 

    Like many non-profits, our agency operates with razor thin administrative expenses due to the fact that funding sources, whether government or private, require that nearly all revenues be spent on direct client services. For many years we had spent as little as possible on technology with the result that we had many PCs that were over 6 years old and a network built with a patchwork of equipment and software designed for use in homes, not business class. 

    We are very grateful to TechSoup and its partners for helping us to upgrade our system with business class products at a price we can afford.

    Mary Porter, Director of Development, Hispanic Counseling Center, Hempstead, NY

  • Our organization works with consumers and businesses to mediate complaints.  We utilize volunteers and operate on a very limited budget.  In a typical year we handle over 600 complaints and return over $250,000 to consumers.  Donations from Microsoft and Symantec have helped us fulfill our mission.

    Thanks to all who support this wonderful program.

    Paul Schrader,Executive Director

  • We are the Arts & Learning Conservatory, providing children theatrical exposure and experience via year-round weekend productions at Vanguard University of Southern California and at school sites throughout Orange County. The growth of A&L has been phenomenal and we are very grateful to the donors who have been so vital in helping us in this fast paced, and largely mobile world. So, thank you to Microsoft, Intuit, Adobe, Grant Station, and Tech Soup for your invaluable contribution!

    We are very optimistic as we enter this new year - 2010 will be great!

    Gary Wondercheck


    Arts & Learning Conservatory


    Thank you to all of the donor partners at Tech Soup. We have benefited from donations by Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec to name a few.

    Your donations have heped us reach out to families who have experienced the death of a child at age from any cause. We are able to maintain an accurate database and create eye-catching brochures, videos, newsletters, etc.

    Thank you from our entire group!

    Mary Collins

    West Central Suburban Chapter of The Compassionate Friends

  • We wish to express our thanks to both Microsoft and Intuit for their donations to us through TechSoup. Our small non-profit organization benefited greatly by your benevolence.  Our accounting procedures were simplified and streamlined and our overall office productivity was increased due to the generosity of both your companies.

    Gail Austin

    The Pig Preserve Association Inc.

  • I am with the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. in Orleans, Massachusetts.  We are an all volunteer organization with 141 chapters in thirteen states.  There are over 400 volunteers working in our program, which helps children in need who don't fit the criteria for traditional social service programs.

    One of the cornerstones of our program is that 100% of our charitable contributions goes to help the kids.  Our operating overhead is supported by chapter and member dues, along with donations made by individual members to help pay for our annual accountant review...etc.

    Most of the year some of our management team is in Massachusetts, some in Florida and some in California.  With a far-flung group such as ours, it is necessary for us to do as much of our work online as possible.

    Our members use their own computers or computers that were donated to the Foundation for office use.  It would be onerous for us to require our volunteer workers to purchase software upon which the Foundation has standardized its operations. 

    The donations that we received this year through techsoup made a huge difference in our ability to run our programs with an all-volunteer staff.  Our information flow has functioned flawlessly and efficiently through the use of software donated through

    Thank you for helping the Masonic Angel Foundation to have one of its most successful years in its history.  We could not have done it without your support.

  • Thank you!  United Way of Southeast Alaska utilized TechSoup to upgrade our operating system software, get the Adobe Creative Suite and Giftworks.  I can tell you that in all cases, it has made us more efficient and effective in the delivery of our services, smoothed out our fundraising operations and allowed us to dress up our presence.  We could not have done what we did, nor do what we do, without the help of TechSoup and your partners.  THANK YOU!!!

    Brenda Hewitt


  • I suspect this isn't what Megan or Susan intended, but I hope all the responding nonprofits also remember to thank everyone that contributes knowledge and articles to TechSoup.  Without all the content, our many generous donating partners wouldn't be here - like us, they are dedicated to seeing their products be made available and distributed in a rich environment of education and understanding.

    As I tell partners regularly, it isn't very hard to distribute products, the challenge is in getting nonprofits to understand technology and then to get the products and services they will actually USE to improve their own mission delivery.

    Thanks to all of the talented nonprofits we serve, our Community contributors and Stars and a special thanks to our own Susan and Megan for getting you to share your comments and stories with our donating partners - I know they'll be delighted to read each and every one!

    Gayle Carpentier

    Director, Business Development (aka the person who helps develop all the donation programs)

    TechSoup Global


  • The non-profits of this world are so blessed to have Tech Soup as a resource for our hardware and software needs.  Chattanooga Room in the Inn provides a residential program for homeless women and children.  The dollars we save from having to pay retail for software are used to provide enhanced services to our clients.  In particular, I would like to thank Microsoft for the generosity that they extend to non-profits.  THANKS SO MUCH for everything!!!

  • I would like to pass along the thanks of our volunteers and the thanks of over 1,900 people who have been assisted through HEART USA, our 501c3 nonprofit.

    HEART USA is now utilizing the software donated by Microsoft and Adobe... to register senior citizens, disabled people, and low-income people for free (or nearly free) prescription medicines from over 300 pharmaceutical companies and several altruistic efforts administered by a number of generic medicine distributors.  In the six years we have been in operation, from our small office located in Paducah, KY; we have registered our 1,900+ clients for over 9.9 MILLION dollars in free prescription medicine.  HEART USA is staffed by an all-volunteer group of individuals, most of whom are also HEART USA clients -- who at one time or another have felt the pain of not being able to purchase medicines for their chronic or acute medical conditions. 

    During 2009, the KY Dept for Public Health (Cabinet for Health and Family Services) visted HEART USAs home-base here in Paducah, KY -- they were impressed enough to use us as THE model for the new government-driven "Kentucky Prescription Assistance Program", which is now located in 85 counties across the Commonwealth.  In the 6 months of operation since the kickoff in July 2009, these offices -- modeled after HEART USA -- have gotten more than 10.9 million dollars in free prescription medicine for other areas of Kentucky not covered by the HEART USA organization.  It has truly been a blessing to all here in the mid-south, and we have just gotten notification that four other states are looking at the Kentucky model to begin similar efforts in their own states -- staffed 100% by volunteers -- to help people state-wide in their own areas!

    So... THANK YOU, Microsoft -- and THANK YOU, Adobe!  (Also, THANK YOU, Tech Soup) -- for providing the resources that we vitally need to coordinate and register our citizens.  You truly are assisting us SAVE LIVES and improve the lives of thousands of other people in need!  :-)


    Chuck Thompson -- Founder, Chairman, Executive Director -- HEART USA

  • I don't like this digital catalog. I can't find what I want easily. Before I could immediately find out what was available.

  • hello I would like to order the program adobe photoshop, can you help me with this?

  • We did not get Adobe Photoshop, but we ordered their CS Suite. Just order it through this site and it is all simple to do. Just make sure you read their qualifications  which I am positive you qualify for if you got Microsoft donations.