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  • I am developing a donation page on our website to take credit card donations to our scholarship fund.  I am looking at using one of the paypay products to accomplish this.  We want the transaction to remain on our site, or at least appear to remain on our site.  We also want the ability to take recurring donations as well.  I was initially thinking of developing the page myself (our site is based on PHP), but the paypal developer docs look more then I have to time learn right now.  Can anyone recommend a php developer/company that might have this kind of experience?  Of course on a non-profit budge.




    Jay Moore
    The National Beta Club

  • I recommend using one of the most common PayPal methods for taking donations. People will not stay on your site, but PayPal should redirect them back to your site after making the payment.

  • You may use the HTML snippet version of most payment services without embedding it into your site, this is the easiest way to integrate.  But I have integrated several payment services in various methods throughout the years.  So I may be able to help.  But in any event the HTML snippet version is always the easiest.




    Joe T. -
    Micro-Donation fundraising

  • Hi Jay,

    We hear from people in your situation all the time.  You're spot on in wanting to keep donors on your website whenever possible, as numerous studies have shown that to be far more effective in building trust and ultimately getting more donations

    A colleague of mine actually wrote an article on free ways to accept online donations that may be helpful.  Feel free to check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

    How Your Nonprofit Can Accept Donations Online Right Now

    I hope it's helpful.  Best of luck.

    David Hartstein
    Wired Impact 

  • I'm pretty sure in order to do that with PayPal you need the more advanced paypal account which has a monthly fee.  So you might want to take that into consideration depending on how many donations you think you will end up getting it may be that a large percentage gets eaten up by the monthly fees.

  • The Express Checkout method is probably going to be easiest. The person will leave your site, but they do come back to complete the transaction. The payment flow, is basically: add donation on your site -> checkout page on your site -> paypal login / select funding source -> back to your site for confirmation -> transaction complete.

    If you want it totally seamless, you would want to use the Payflo Pro gateway which does have a monthly fee. If you're going this route just about every other gateway and merchant account is going to be cheaper. There are much more security concerns as far as PCI goes when you host the payment page on your own site as well.