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What's your favorite source for free images?

What's your favorite source for free images?

  • Is there a Web site that you use to find free images for your nonprofit? Share it with others here.

    If you're looking for Web sites and search engines that can help you find free images, check out TechSoup's article Where to Find Free Images and Visuals.
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  • Oh, that's easy. Its
  • For vector based clip art I've used the Open Clip Art Library. All the images are Scalable Vector Graphics which can be manipulated with any software that can work with SVGs. My preference is for Inkscape which I use in Linux and Windows.

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  • While is a great place to look for images, it is not safe to assume that those are good for your non-profit's website.

    There is a sticky little thing called 'copyright' that summarilly says "if you did not create it, or get permission from the person that DID create it, you cannot use it."

    Many people are under the false assumptions that just because an image or work does not explicitly contain a copyright statement or symbol, then the work is fair game. This is patently false. As aluded to above, if you did not create it or get permission to use it, it is NOT legal for you to do so.

    Now, may very well lead you to images that are offered up for grabs, but do not assume that ALL of the images you find via this resource are yours for the taking.

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  • I use istockphoto. Their images are inexpensive, especially in the resolutions that I need for web design and PowerPoint presentations. I usually find what I want there. I usually pay from half a dollar to two dollars a time using credit bought via Paypal.

    For free images I also check morguefile which has only user-contributed photos and interesting pictures that don't look like stock images.

    If really stuck I try Google Images but almost never find anything good enough to use.
  • Stock.Xchng is another good place to get completely free stock images. The site has been mentioned on our forums a few times. Check it out.


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  • What about a sources for free video clips. Yes I know utube has lots but not for legal download.

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  • A new site is available, distributing everyday a high resolution photo of about 7 Mega pixel (typically 3072 x 2304 pixel). Usage is completely free for any purpose, including private or business. No need for mentioning the source, linking the site or any other crap.

    Address of the site:
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  • I just saw this blog post from Lifehacker, which mentions another source for free images. provides free high resolution images for download that can be used for personal or commercial use. This could be another helpful source for free images.


    Megan Keane

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  • Hello Megane,

    Far from me the intention of spamming. I have reread the terms of service as you suggested and understand that I am forbidden, to sell or promote free service.

    In my case, I am allowing to download everyday one of my pics for my private collection. The downloaded pics are license free and I allow private of business usage of it without any restriction.

    It is thrue that I have some other 300 pics in my collection which I would like to provide for a fair price, but this does not spoil the front page download possibility.

    In any case, I hope not having caused harm to anybody and will care not to practice anything contrary to the TOS.
  • Hi ;)
    I've found this:
    They have free high resolution images. And also free music and web trmplates.
  • Finding stock photos is one of my least favorite tasks. It consumes so much time and often I end up settling for something less than I had in mind. I have found that client-provided professional photographs have worked much better, at least in the market that I am in.

    However, there are times that I stumble upon that perfect image. We use several different sources, some of which may have already been mentioned: - tons of free images, but the one you want is always the one you have to pay for. LOL However, even when you have to pay it is super cheap. Just be sure to check the license info as some photos need permission before being used. - morgue file All free and can be used in commercial projects without permission or credit. (has nothing to do with death) - You can download and use any image or texture from this site and use it in your own work, either personal or commercial. - Free photo resource with a decent catalog. Really free, no permission or credit needed. - The Open Photo Project is a moderated photo community with the goal of uniting image consumers and producers through Creative Commons licensing. - The images may be used for commercial or personal use in print, film, TV, Internet or other media. Credit for the images is not necessary. - This collection of photos is for anyone to use in just about any way they'd like. Nice Imagery! - Nice collection of hi quality photos with a very simple terms of use. - I would guess this is one of the largest and most diversified collections on the net. I can almost always find what I want, however I don't always agree with the asking price. They also give away a free image every week (which we have downloaded religiously for 3 years now)

    These are some sites that my designers and I stay clear of due the unknown copyright status of the images:
  • I use [Link removed: site has ad links that look like menu items, images may not be copyright free, very limited number of images]  for free textures.   Thanks for letting me share!