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How do you know whether your Web site is making an impact?

How do you know whether your Web site is making an impact?

  • Does your nonprofit regularly measure the impact of its Web site? What criteria and methods do you use to evaluate its success?

    Has tracking your site's activity led to adjustments or improvements? What advice would you give to other nonprofits who are considering implementing their own tracking systems?

    For some tips on evaluating your Internet activity, see Verve Internet Solutions' article Measuring the Impact of Your Web Presence, now on TechSoup. Share your questions and feedback here.
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  • Thanks for posting this topic, wcook. This is a very interesting area of discussion -- I'm glad you brought it up.

    And I'm sure we can expect some very interesting responses here!


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  • Look into Google Analytics. We are using the service, which is free and gives tons of useful information in a form that is clear (and it our case, pleasantly surprising). Go to for details.