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What is the best open source CMS to build a non-profit website?

What is the best open source CMS to build a non-profit website?

  • I agree.  Upgrading Wordpress has certainly been a lot easier too.  If you log into the control panel as admin, you just need to click a link and you're up to the latest version.  You used to have to hop into the OS or unpack a bunch of files, then run an upgrade program.  Now it handles it all for you.  Even tells you when its out of date.  This is important to stay on top of security updates so that you don't lose control of your site.

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  • Joomla. Free, fast and simple installation. Joomla is the most widely used CMS in the world and has an extensive developer network along with great support.

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  • My name is Ryan Kettler and I am part of the team at Preation in Durham, North Carolina. We have built a new website content management and marketing system for small businesses (both for and non profit organizations) called Eden. Eden allows anyone to update their website and optimize it for the search engines on their own. We believe that this solution is very important to small businesses because most of them cannot afford search engine optimization services from traditional consultants.

    Eden’s unique do-it-yourself search engine optimization features as well as the large number of easy website management features including: free professionally designed templates, real on-page editing, drag-and-drop page tree, photo galleries, forms, testimonials, slideshows, video, multi-tier navigation, calendars, and event registration. Full details about Eden’s features are available in the product tour on our website (

    Eden is offered with no setup fees and it starts at just $10/month. A 15 day free trial is available at

  • I have been working in the Non-profit sector for over ten years. I have built and manage several websites for non-profits using DotNetNuke. It is an outstanding CMS that runs on the Microsoft .NET platform. The Community edition is Open Source that comes with lots of base modules and there is a huge community of 3rd party modules available for purchase as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


  • "I have been working in the Non-profit sector for over ten years."

    Could you please be explicit about this in your TechSoup online profile? What's your real, full name? Where are you located? What nonprofits have you worked with, particularly those that would have good things to say about you? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Is your software free? What nonprofits use it? Here are guidelines on how to fill out your online profile:

  • Hi jluszcz

    Many CMS are measure powerful, complicated proprietary systems utilized by giant companies, universities, goverments and ecommerce enterprises. However, Joomla is free and reliable open source CMS various that's currently widely used on the web. Joomla may be a nice package application for several giant establishments, similarly as tiny, mostly non-profit organizations. With a user-friendly, secure and an intensive vary of add-on extensions, not surprise Joomla is running several non-profit and community websites on the web.

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  • Here is excellent Infographic. We are using WordPress because the most popularity on the Internet and also low implementing price.


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  • Hi, Jayne!

    Realize that this is an old thread, but I'd like to jump in on the DotNetNuke post, if I may. DotNetNuke has a free version (which I use), and it also has a new paid version that has more features, support, etc. I'm currently taking the website (area aging access point)  out of dreamweaver and over to DotNetNuke. When I started using DotNetNuke years ago (for my daughter's rock band site), it had far more features than Joomla. I haven't done a comparison recently though.

    Anyone building a website should take a look at the platform as a viable option. DotNetNuke recently updated their website so the forums are harder to find, but there is a big network of support. It does require windows ( rather than linux hosting though upfront.

    When the site is up and running, I'll post the link here.


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  • is a FREE and Open Source Software... I highly recommend it! It's been great! Don't be weary because of the "Forums/Discussion Boards" it offers... my website's primary function is in no way an actual Forum... it's a real website and my Search Engine Rankings are astounding! Especially by Google... Feel free to browse my website at Of course, I still have A LOT of work to do with it... but overall, I'm very proud of it!!

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