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RSS: What Readers Work Best for Your Organization?

RSS: What Readers Work Best for Your Organization?

  • Tickers, portals, Web browsers, email browsers, or feed readers? Tell us what RSS readers your organization uses, or which ones you are considering.

    Have questions about any of these options? Post them here.

    senior editor, TechSoup
  • For my RSS feeds, I use Thunderbird for about 50% of the time, Google Reader / iGoogle for about 25%, and the remaining 25% are broken down between Outlook 2007 and Owl (which I'm just starting to look at).

    I find that I like different newsreaders for different applications.  When I'm on my Thunderbird acct, for example, I'm typically checking personal and various side email accts, so I like to read my news that relates to those things there (I'm kind of hooked on Thunderbird's shortcuts, like using the "n" character to advance to the next unread email).  When I'm on Outlook, for example, I'm typically dealing with my full time job, and so I like industry news and updates that relates to that there.

    When I feel like casually browsing (like with a news paper), I'll use iGoogle and Google Reader. I find that in the mornings, I can accomplish more with those two tools and two cups of coffee than I could ever do before!

    And whenever I have very specific internet searches, I find that Y! Pipes is a quick and easy intuitive tool that helps me mass search all sorts of resources and only cherry pick the key ones that I need to find and dump those to RSS.

    HTH, and I hope to soon see what others think about the matter!

  • I use Google Reader. 

    But my question is:  How do I get that little orange RSS icon on my web site?  I've got RSS feeds from lots of places, but I can't get one for my own web site!  Can I just have it on the home page?  or should I put it on each press release or event announcement I post?

    Can anyone help?



  • Great question. You can choose to have an RSS feed of whatever content you like on your website--many people have RSS feeds of their blog, news page, and or events page. This article is a good overview of how you can go about creating outgoing RSS fees from your site.

    Hope this is helpful--and let us know if we can help further.





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