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Get to Know Web 2.0

  • In the spirit of this discussion, I've been trying to research Web 4.0, there aren't any good articles posted on the web. Everything I have seen is speculation. Does anyone have any resources that I haven't been able to find via google?

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  • Douggg,

    If you will pay closer attention to Rog's comments, you'll see that he is addressing your post, not you personally.

    Since many Douglas Spindler posts are vague, off-topic, non-responsive, blatantly inaccurate or otherwise abstruse, many people have stopped trying to decipher them and are beginning to find them amusing; a comic relief of sorts.

    It's unfortunate but not entirely unexpected.

  • I was going to start a new thread, but maybe it's ok to just ask my question here...?

    My copy of web 1.0 has been working just fine until today. I sent a few emails, and did a couple of searches when my system crashed.

    All that I had on the screen was an error message that said:

    Unrecoverable Error at :eccffd0a
    Fatal stack error pointer register call fffe.
    Web 1.0 unable to contine

    After I rebooted I ran some diagnostics, but everthing seems fine, except that I do notice a faint humming in my head that seems to linger on even after I shut down the computer... Any ideas?
  • Tinnitus from too much rock-and roll - :-)
  • Christian, have you been listening to your I-pod too much? I hear that those things cause hearing loss, that's where that humming is coming from. :)

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  • Chris,

    That's how it starts. A soft humming sound. Then it gradually becomes more dominant. After awhile, you begin to realize that it's the sound of many voices. And the voices are telling you to do things, unspeakable things, such as buy a new car or use a certain toothpaste.

    Then, if you're lucky, the alarm goes off and you realize it's morning and you're been listening to your clock radio. Everything else, including much of this thread, was just a dream.

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  • I agree with Dougg here. I feel Web 3.0 is just a hyped up version that will have more bells and whistles, such as AI capabilities and 3D. There will definately be more to it that that, but it's my opinion that they will all just be improvements to the Web 2.0.
  • I remember in the olden days that electronics were made from tubes and the tubes often did hum while warming up.

    Perhaps the humming is coming from the "series of tubes".
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  • Web 2.0 is a buzzword applied to websites that feature ways for users to contribute content and share information with each other.
    These second-generation websites typically have rich user interfaces that more resemble desktop applications than traditional websites.
  • I always thought I had a handle on technology until I read this article. There were many terms mentioned that I had never heard about. I have heard about blogs and people "blogging" but had never subscribed to one. The article talks about the possibilty of having latest headlines or updates from favorite websites delivered to your computer without going online. My question to that is: Does this make my computer vulnerable to viruses?
  • Web 2.0 is a brand new concept to me. Although I consider myself to be technology savvy I had no idea what blogging entailed. Blogging is a revolutionary new medium which was born from the internet. It gives a voice to millions of people, children and adults alike, who may express any feelings, opinions or views they desire. Web 2.0 makes it easy for non-savvy computer users to upload volumes of material that will be read by possible millions of viewers. This user friendly technology even gives way for children to express their thoughts. Nowadays, anyone can publish their ideas, a power formerly enjoyed exclusively by the mass media.
  • I have seem blogging be a great comfort to those who suffer with epilepsy. I'm willing to try for education!
  • Can someone suggest 1-10 technology websites' homepages that really utilize web 2.0?


  • Hi Griffin,

    I'm not trying to be snarky, but you might want to try asking a more specific question. Even the phrase "Web 2.0" is a lot less meaningful than it was when this discussion thread started 3+ years ago.

    Many Web sites are cluttered with all sorts of new media doohickeys, but really don't offer anything novel or interesting. In my opinion, Web 2.0 should mean:

    1. Clean, simple, standards-compliant design
    2. Accessible and usable from any operating system, Web browser, screenreader, mobile device, or RSS reader
    3. Open to utilization by third-party sites or devices.

    Given those criteria, I'd consider to be the quintessential Web 2.0 site.


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