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Do you know any good hardware donation programs?

  • Is there somewhere on this site where I can get links to companies/org's that are known to donate hardware, i.e. PC's? I need 3 brand new computers for my office, so we can get networked..and start using a mode rn database....but we don't have enough money (nonprofit) to buy the computers.<:LINEBREAK:>If the website doesn't provide such information, could the moderator start a new topic on the message board, so that I can see messages from others around the country (USA) who can recommend to me how to get hardware donations???<:LINEBREAK:>Thanks for reading.
  • Hi Rebecca,<:LINEBREAK:>Here is the list for the recycled and refurbished hardware resource list on TechSoup. As far as brand new hardware donations, I am not sure that you will find it. I recommend that you try refurbished hardware (almost as new.) Thanks for asking, and good luck to you.<:LINEBREAK:>Best,<:LINEBREAK:>Susan

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  • Rebecca,<:LINEBREAK:>That's a good question... it is very hard to find information on hardware donations -- something I discovered when I wrote an article on the topic:<:LINEBREAK:><:LINEBREAK:>Hardware donations are much harder to come by than software (mainly because of cost). Here is my intro to the article:<:LINEBREAK:>"While software donations and discounts can be had relatively easily, getting donated hardware is a pretty big gamble. If you need new PCs for your staff, or you are looking to upgrade a couple computers, soliciting a hardware donation isn't the wisest use of your time. However, there are several companies that may be willing to help you outfit a computer lab for your clients or develop a large networking project in your area. Universities, schools, and larger nonprofits are likelier to be the recipient of hardware donations."
    <:LINEBREAK:>I would be very interested to hear if anyone knows of other donation programs.
  • Rebecca, Two sources you may want to investigate. Bothe Hewlett-Packard and Compaq make hardware donations (HP up to $10k). I believe they put a preference to organizations in areas that have their presence, so you'll have to answer that question by looking at each of their sites. Go to their "corporate" links and that should lead you to information on community giving. Good luck.
  • We have have received a grant from Compaq to buy refurbished equipment thru their outlet store. The grant enabled us to buy 3 laptops. We went for the top of the line so 3 is all we could get. The grant would have paid for 4-5 refurished work stations. Go to to read about their program and to download the necessary forms. You can apply once every 12 months. The Hewlett Packard web site is I hope this will help.