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Color Purple Printing Out As Blue

  • How and where would I make adjustments so that purples on screen do not print as blues? I am using an HP Color LaserJet printer and just in case it is relevant, I am using Microsoft Publisher software. I've tried making them darker, using RGB numbers to adjust, etc. Help, please.Thanks.

    D Benjamin

  • I would start at the printer and work backwards:

    Run a printer self-test to confirm that it is currently able to print a solid RED.

    If the printer is OK, confirm that Windows is properly communicating with the printer by going to the Windows printer configuration screens and running a Windows test print to see if the red part of the Windows logo is OK.

    If all of that works, open up your document in Publisher and start looking through the "printer setup" and "page setup" settings to see if you can spot something that isn't quite right.


  • Is you HP printer printing in RGB or CMYK. If you are using Indesign your printer may be interpreting colors as CMYK which will affect purple and blue.