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Firewall Deathmatch: Cisco ASA 5505 vs Sonicwall TZ 210

  • The support for the TZ 190 is expiring soon, and our vendor is suggesting we upgrade to the 210.  What are your opinions on whether to go with the 210 or move to the Cisco, which would be considerably cheaper through the donation program?  Experiences with each?  The good, the bad, the ugly?

  • I would answer it thusly: who manages the firewall, is it you or the support company?  If the support company isn't familiar with Cisco products and you don't staff a network administrator (or someone with the skillset to be able to manage a firewall for you) then you might end up paying more for the Cisco than the Sonicwall 210.

    Chris Shipley
    Nutmeg Consulting

  • Chris gives some very good advice about upfront cost vs ongoing cost.  Our org has always had Sonicwall firewalls.  The Cisco ASA is a great product, but Sonicwall is what we are comfortable with since that is what we know.  

    Gary Network/Systems Admin Berlin, NH
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