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PDF Printing

  • Hello i have a Toshiba MFC 6530c and the issue i'm running into is that when i try to print PDF's i get this message: PCL XL Error Subsystem:xlparse Error: Input Stream EOF Operator: Parser Position: 37 What can i do to resolve this issue?
  • Hi Jakos, I don't think your problem is as much of a hardware problem as it is a software problem.  That being said, I think we need more information before we can help you.

    1) What  program are you using to print to PDF?

    2) What method of printing are you using?

    3) Have you ever been able to get it working in the past?

    Thanks for providing these answers.


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  • It could also be a software problem. If you're trying to print PDFs that are generated inside a database, etc. software program it could be a flaw in that code for the program. If it happens to any old PDF file that you come across on the internet, outside of a proprietary software program, then that is not the case.