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Point of sale system for nonprofit retail

  • I'm looking for a point of sale system for a small nonprofit resale shop. Is anyone using one or do you have any suggestions?

  • It's certainly not like anything you would see in a major retail store, but DH POS is a really awesome piece of software--especially for the price: FREE!!


    Check it out

    Michael Janofsky, Volunteer Techie, St. Albans Community Justice Center

  • Great link, thanks for posting that :)




  • Thanks even i was looking for such software.

  • Can you define your POS needs first?

    Do you just want a cash register replacement?  Does it need to track inventory, customers, accounts, purchases, etc?  Do you need it for discounting, promotions, etc?  What hardware do you need to support?  How many terminals?  Back office functions?

    There are litterally hundreds of POS systems on the market.  Some are strictly electronic registers.  Others are complete run the business applications.  Sometimes spending as little or no money on one thing causes you so much more work in the end ... you know. 

  • You can also try


  • I think that Visual Retail Plus is an inventory management program, but it does POS too.

  • I'm sure the original poster has found a system that works for them by now, but this for anyone coming here to look for info on the subject...

    We use Retail Ice POS and it's free.  Works for us.


  • Hi.  We’d like to promote gift certificates for trips to our lighthouse and/or memberships in our organization.  So…something web-based that folks could use.  We use Brown Paper Tickets for many of our events, but it doesn’t lend itself nicely to selling things rather than tickets.  Thanks. 


  • Hi thfashions.

    Nchsoftware offer “Retail POS point of sale software system” compatible with touch screen and it’s for free!

  • I am using a pos right now! You can try this.

    Yeah, Its working fine..:)



  • If you are looking for both in-store POS and an e-commerce presence, you should check out the Shopify donation program on TechSoup.  The donation program is described here.  And Shopify POS is described in the TechSoup blog in this post.

    Barb, TechSoup Senior Relationship Manager