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Terminal Services Clients keep getting kicked off...

  • They (Win 98) are connected via VPN to file server (Win 2000 Advanced Server).
    Some get kicked off 4 times a day or more.
    What can I check?
  • You probably have a idle session limit. This means that if users aren't using the server, after a specified amount of time, they are logged off automatically to free up resources/licenses for other users.

    To change this, go to the file server, Start>Programs>Administative Tools>Terminal Services Configuration.

    On the right side of the windows, right-click on RDP-Tcp and select Properties. Go to the Sessions tab and you will see the options that will disconnect users' sessions. You can increase the idle session limit so they won't be disconnected as often; be sure to check the box 'Override user settings'.

    If you want more information about the different options, click on the question mark (next to the close button) on the Properties window and click on the terms you don't understand.
  • Active session limit set to "never" log out...
    It there another possibility?
  • How are they connecting? Over the Intranet? Over high/slow speed Internet?

    Have you tried running (something like) "ping -t /l 1400" to see if anything drops packets?

    What type of VPN are you using (and with which client?)? When I had connectivity problems a while back, they were fixed when I upgraded everyone to the newest client.
  • DSL w/ VPN via Netgear FVS318
  • Microsoft RDP CLient
  • SoftRemote is (in my opinion) a much better client. You might be having problems that NAT-T technology can resolve.

    Can you ping the other IPs like you're supposed to?

    Try that ping command that I suggested.