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PC Wont boot with usb printer plugged in

  • Good Afternoon all
    I am new to this site and i thought i might ask this question to you all.
    We have a new Emachines (t3065) pc running win xp and a Lexmark (x5072) all in one machine hooked up to it. For some reason ever since we got it if the printer is plugged into usb the pc will not boot. unplug printer, pC Boots just fine. plug printer back in after pc is booted and works great. Any clue?

  • set HDD as the first booting device in BIOS
  • We had already checked the bios settings. they were fine. i plugged a seperate usb printer HP PHOTO PRINTER and that works fine....

    thinking that this printer just might not work with that think?
  • Have emachine with exact same problem no help form either tech support just a massive amount of finger pointing.
  • I have this same problem and was wondering if you have ever located a solution.

    I am working on a T3065 and a Lexmark X2250 all in one machine.

    As suggested above, I checked the boot order in the BIOS and disabled anything beyond the CD and HDD

    Would appreciate any help you have!
  • Does your Lexmark printer have media reader slots for camera flash memory?

    This is a known problem with HP printers, one of the fixes is to put a memory card in one of the reader slots on the memory reader. The PC is trying to identify the media in the slots to build the boot canidate device table even though the bios setting is telling the pc to boot from hdd first.

    There may be a bios update for the PC or for the printer. Try searching the Lexmark support site with your symptoms.

    Just remembered another work around, turn the printer off while booting the PC after the PC boots up turn on the printer.

  • Had the same issue with my IBM X40, it was a bios security thing..
  • Had the same issue with my IBM X40, it was a bios security thing..
    Check the bios again.
  • Had a customer with similar problem, not booting up with a usb printer plugged in, this was because of the card reader in the printer. this was fixed by having it turned off, or unplugged when booting. Another option is plugging them all in once the system has booted .
  • Thanks Dave and all that replied to my request for info.

    I do not believe the All in One has a card reader in it, but I will check.(this is my sister's PC and printer, I am just trying to help) The EMachine T3065 does have a card reader for camera sticks built in. Maybe there is some interference between the two items. I will work on checking into that.

    I saw the suggestion on not having the All in One turned on while the PC boots then turn on later. I had already tried that with no luck. Thanks for the suggestion thou. Not having the printer connected does work. Only problem here is my sister and family are not PC savey and do not care to learn. They are intimidated by the equipment so this is not a real good solution, although it is one that they may need to live with.

    Did a little research on the web and Lexmark did not list a Firmware upgrade for the X2250. I did find an Emachine T3065 BIOS upgrade available for ~$20. The discription did not mention correcting any issue that I am experiencing. I am still searching. Looking for a free source of a Bios upgrade for the PC. (yes I am a tight wad) :wink;
  • I may be able to get that upgrade for you. I belong to a old E-Machine group. how old is the machine.?
  • I think she purchased it new in May of 2003. Hope that helps! It is an nice PC, but this has been an issue since the begining and I just want to get it solved. If you could get that BIOS Upgrade it would be great!

    Thank you in advance!