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  • Hi,

    Have you heard if Microsoft will be offering Office365 discounts through TechSoup (as they move Office, Exchange, SharePoint to the Cloud)?


  • Hi there!

     We don't have information on Office365 at this time. But you should add this to our Product Wishlist forum thread which you can find here. Our development team looks at this regularly. It's also great to add to the thread in case other people are interested too. This can help us in our conversations with our partners when asking about new product offerings.

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  • I have heard that there is now non-profit pricing, is it available thru tech soup?

  • Hi johnhays,

      Please refer to my post in this thread from May 26, 2011. We haven't had an update since then.



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  • As far as I know, the non-profit pricing for Office 365 is only available through Microsoft Cloud Champion partners right now.  Everyone is asking questions on it, so I wrote a blog post about it a couple weeks ago:

    Mavidea is my company, and we work with non-profits all over Illinois and beyond, and have had customers in BPOS and Office 365 from launch.  I work with it every day, so let me know if you have any questions.


  • I would like to see Office 365 being offered by TechSoup.  Thank-you.

  • Hi bruceb,

    TechSoup loves suggestions but it is best you post them in the Product Wishlist forum thread which you can find here.  This way Business Development can see the scope of needs of the non-profits.

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  • I am not affiliated with Tech Soup, I work with CCB Non-Profits, we are on Microsoft's Advisory Board and work with both non-profit and for-profit organizations on their Office 365 projects all the time.  

    I figured I would shed some light on how the entire process from beginning to end since to most people it is something of a mystery and is a bit of a long process.

    This is more or less how the entire process works form beginning to end.  

    1. You need to figure out what your organization needs, I highly suggest testing out a trial as well to make sure it runs smoothly on your network.  There is a minimum of 5 seats per plan required to qualify for non-profit pricing.  Once you have everything figured out you then need to submit your 501c3 paperwork to your Partner of Record (POR) you are working with.  Even if you are approved already for non-profit pricing, Office 365 non-profit pricing is a separate process.  

    2. This paperwork along with a few forms we fill out that details your project, how you want your domains set up, biling, etc. is all sent over to Microsoft where they decide if you are eligible for Office 365 non-profit pricing.  

    3. If approved they will send out a confirmation to us let us know you are approved, then shortly afterward a MOSA (Microsoft Online Service Agreement) is sent out to the authorized partner.  This is then forwarded to you where you would need to review it, sign it and return it to both your authorized partner and Microsoft.

    4. Once it is returned to both parties Microsoft then signs it on their end and sets up your Office 365 account with corporate pricing.  Yes I did say corporate pricing, this stays like this for 90 days and then a credit is applied to your account for the difference.  

    5. Afterward you are set up for non-profit pricing and you should be good for 2 years.  After 2 years you must renew your subscription much like your approval for purchasing Microsoft software at a discount.  

    6. Once you are set up for charity you can begin adding seats, upgrading plans, do pretty much whatever you want providing you don't go below what you set up.  If you were to cancel early or go below they do charge you a early cancellation fee that is detailed in the MOSA agreement.  

    The entire process takes anywhere between a 3-5 weeks to complete.  Although I have to say the last Office 365 approval I had ran through went rather quickly only taking around 2 weeks form start to finish.  Another one I am working on right now it has been about 2 weeks and we are at the last step.

    I listed the non-profit prices below, I want to point out the P plan listed on Microsoft's website has no charity pricing and it also include no support.  If your service runs into trouble you cannot call up Microsoft and get support for the product.  I answer this because this is a question that frequently comes up when discussing Office 365 with people I work with.

    Office 365 Online Services

    Price per seat* (USD$)

    Exchange Online Kiosk - $1.50

    Office 365 Plan K1 - $3.00

    Office 365 Plan K2 - $4.00

    Exchange Plan 1 - $2.00

    Exchange Plan 2 - $4.00

    SharePoint Plan 1 - $2.25

    SharePoint Plan 2 - $4.00

    Lync Plan 1 - $1.00

    Lync Plan 2 - $2.50

    Office Pro Plus - $4.00

    Office Web Apps w/SP Plan 1 - $4.25

    Office Web Apps w/SP Plan 2 - $6.00

    Office 365 Plan E1 - $4.00

    Office 365 Plan E2 - $6.00

    Office 365 Plan E3 - $9.00

    Office 365 Plan E4 - $10.00

    SharePoint Online Extra Storage - $1.00

    Exchange Online Archiving - $4.00

    Windows Intune - $5.50

    I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, just let me know!

  • ftp vbscript

  • ftp vbscript?

  • I have all of the information you reference above. Is there a site or how do I get started? Thanks!

  • You can send me an email and I will be happy to submit your request to Microsoft for you, it doesn't cost anything for us to submit it or help you get nonprofit pricing.

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  • Microsoft has recently reduced their O365/Intune pricing. I'm a Microsoft Cloud Partner and they won't even give me ballpark charity pricing, stating that it's done on a case-by-case basis, requiring a formal quote involving an EIN, number of seats, the whole bit. It's a pain in the butt for those of us that work mainly with charities (I wish it were as easy as having a price list like their licensing group does for OpenCharity licensing).

  • I am sorry to say that while Microsoft did indeed lower some prices for their subscription services they did not lower the nonprofit pricing for Office 365 or Windows InTune.  The price for InTune remains $5.50 per seat, this comes from the most recent price sheet we received from Microsoft when the Corporate price changes were announced.  I also verified this with our Microsoft rep before I made this post in case I missed something.  I hope that helps you out!