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TechNet Registration?

  • Ordered TechNet for my org, but can't figure out how to register it. The item page here informs me that "Note: TechNet Plus registration is slightly different from that of most Microsoft products ordered through TechSoup Stock. After entering the eOpen authorization code, you must select the Activating TechNet Subscriptions link to display the TechNet subscriptions Web page. There, you enter your eOpen authorization code in the promotional code field, specify either CD-ROM or DVD media for your software and subsequent updates, and activate your subscription."

    Does someone have a specific set of instruction as to how to get registered? I'm fully versed with eOpen, but cannot for the life of me figure out what they're talking about.

  • Hi Raffi,

      I am not certain at all what the registration instructions are for TechNet. As I'm sure you know, Microsoft tends to change things around relatively often so it can be challenging to keep up. I do have a phone number for TechNet: (800) 344-2121 and hopefully this will help you get your product registered. Please let me know if this doesn't work!


    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • I need to get something clarified as well.  These technet licenses must be stale or something because when you register them you only get Concierge support and the forums, no evaluation product downloads or license keys.  I am having a heck of a time finding the right place to call.  Technet is not helpful, they say the license determines what we get.  Licensing is not helpful because they say they have no record of the part number Q99-00037.  Their technet plus single user is Q99-00007.  So, I will report back what it takes to get this set up.  It does look like they shipped the disks, or something at least, but it's going to be days and I have a project due Sunday!  What do you want fo 90% off, right?  Well, anyway, wish me luck, I'm going back in.

  • Hey David,

    I just ordered TechNet for the first time - and I'm having the same problems that you have described.

    Hopefully you were able to resolve your problems - and can help me do the same.

    Please reply.....


  • There should be clear instructions! Not, "Microsoft changes things, and we don't care enough to keep up, so we just keep showing the instructions that don't work, and let you guess what to do!" If you have a number for microsoft, and you sell their products, why don't you call and update your instructions, instead of letting folks hang in the wind?

    Again, I'm asking the same question that was never answered from over 6 months ago regarding technet, "Does someone have a specific set of instruction as to how to get registered?"

  • I am sorry for your frustration. It can be a challenge to keep up with every aspect of our 40+ partners activation methods - especially as they do have a tendency to change and as a nonprofit ourselves, we do have limited resources. We try our best! Did you try calling the TechNet number listed in the previous post? TechNet: (800) 344-2121

    Please let me know if calling does not help.


    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • Called and chatted many times, getting nothing but finger pointing and false promises someone would get back to me, if I just go away for now. I still do not have access to my subscription. Again, as the reseller, IT IS UP TO YOU TO PROVIDE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS, not , "Here is the number to totally useless folks that don't have any more clue than we do!, Have a nice day!"

  • Hi Nortwestravens5,

       I think it is important to note that TechSoup is, in fact, not a reseller. I fully acknowledge the situation and frustration you are experiencing however this is the first time that I am hearing that the TechNet number we have on file is not producing the expected result. In order to research this on our end, could you please provide more specific information about what took place during your phone call to TechNet? Did they ask you for any specific information? Did they tell you to call someone else?

     I believe you should also be able to find TechNet activation information on the VLSC website on the Subscriptions page. Please give this a try and let me know if it does not work.


    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • I was under the impression we were eligable for access via our Open purchase as well.  It appears that it only qualifies us for concierge and newsgroup access, not product testing.

  • @cfma

    TechNet is a separate product title available to request and, unlike Software Assurance, is not included with any of the other Microsoft titles available through TechSoup. If you are interested in acquiring TechNet, your organization will be eligible for additional Microsoft titles on 6/29/2011.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions.


    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • I ended up contacting the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center after having this same problem with six staff accounts.  They sent me the following reply which walked me through solving my issue:

    We reviewed your agreement, and we were able to determine that you've activated your Software Assurance benefits for TechNet SA Managed Newsgroup, but not necessarily your actual subscriptions. I got in contact with the TechNet Team (800-344-2121, M-F 5:30 AM-5:30 PM PST) who confirmed that you aren't using any of your TechNet subscriptions associated to your agreement. To assign and activate the subscriptions from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) website, please follow these steps below:
    1. Sign onto the VLSC website at with your Windows Live ID.2. Click on "Subscriptions" at the top menu bar. 3. On the following page click on "Click here to visit the Relationship Summary and select a License ID to view or manage your Technet subscriptions."4. The link will redirect you to your “Relationship Summary” page. Click on the desired license ID.5. On the following page click the “click here” link next to “Technet Administration”. Please note that this will bring up a pop up window and you may have to disable any pop up blockers. 6. On the following page highlight the desired license row so that it turns yellow and from the drop down menu select "view Details" and click on "OK"7. On the following page you may manage your Technet subscription.
    The TechNet Team also explained that they can assist you over the phone to activate the subscriptions, as well as answer any questions you may have in regards to your downloads and keys associated to the subscription. 

    After you receive the "Congratulations!  You have successfully registered this license and/or media. message you should receive an email within 3-4 business days.

  • Eric,

      This is great information, thank you!

    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services

  • This is fantastic info, but it appears that the process has changed yet again. Could someone write up a set of instructions for new subscribers to Technet, and *another* for those who are renewing their subscription? That would be awesome. Thank you.

  • Hi ossarian,

      The most up to date information about how VLSC customers can activate their TechNet subscriptions will be located in the Microsoft Volume License Service Center User Guide. You can also contact the VLSC helpline for more information about locating, activating and renewing TechNet through the site. If you do contact them, be sure to let them know you are an "Open License" customer.

    Volume Licensing Service Center: Open 5am-5pm PST Monday through Friday 1-866-230-0560  


    Autumn Teeter | Training and Optimization Manager for TechSoup Client Services