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Need help with Office 2007 issues

Need help with Office 2007 issues

  • We ordered Office 2007 Pro Plus and now have it installed on our office computers and my offsite computer. Each of us is having a problem with sending attachments especially pdfs, PowerPoints, and Publisher. They stick in our outbox and often block other emails from going. We've talked to our service provider who says it is not caused by them. I work offsite and use another service provider (AT&T) and they have said the same thing. I've talked with Microsoft (for a fee) and they said it was my virus protection - Trendmicro says that the problem is not caused by them. I have Vista but the other computers do not. The office computers have slowed down as well. Can you provide us with your help? Thanks, Elizabeth Kelly
  • Hi Elizabeth,

    This is likely to relate to Trend Micro 'hanging' when scanning outbound email attachments. I would certainly try dissabling Trend email scanning and sending a test message (with an attachment) to see if it goes through.

    PS - If you would like to keep discussing this I will move the thread to the software forum so you can get a wider range of opinions - it's not a hassle doing this - just reply here and I'll move the thread across.