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Denied Microsoft Software

Denied Microsoft Software

  • I am new to Techsoup and was recommended by our Website developers. I need to purchase a few Microsoft products and was told to remove them from my cart even though I am a qualified 501 C3. Please help. I am trying to implement Microsoft CRM.
  • I believe a member of TechSoup will be along shortly and determine that your organization type is specifically restricted by Microsoft. This is frequently true in the case of healthcare or education NPOs.

    Note that these restrictions are put in place by each software publisher, and not by TechSoup.

    Can you tell us what type you placed your NPO under so we can verify that this is the case?

    Tim Claremont
    Systems Administrator
    Rochester, NY

  • This is what I choose.
    Organization Type:
    Business And Professional Organizations
    Organization Sub-Type:
    Professional association

    I didn't realize that was impending on my qualification for certain vendors?

    That dog is so adorable.
  • Dear mdelicci,

    Please visit the Restrictions page for more information regarding the restrictions governing the donation programs at TechSoup Stock.

    Your present category, Professional Association, falls outside of Microsoft's donation guidelines. If that category does not accurately reflect your organizations services or the clientele served, please visit the Type/Subtype master list and the "Edit Organization Profile" page (a link to which can be found in the column of links on the left hand side of the Main TechSoup Stock page) to update your profile to a more accurate category.

    Please be aware that doing so will place your organization into requalification pending mode until one of our representatives can review the change and request additional documentation if necessary.

    Jodi-lee Clews Customer Service TechSoup Stock