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Wait, That Newsletter's Not Spam!

Wait, That Newsletter's Not Spam!

  • Katie Dean's article is pretty good, but people should be warned that some of the "E-Mail Services Firms" she listed -- most particularly Constant Contact and Topica -- have a really bad reputation as spammers among professional mail server administrators, whereas Ms. Dean left out some much better-respected firms, like WhiteHat. No matter who you choose to handle your confirmed-opt-in e-mail lists, due diligence is critical to your organization's Internet reputation, and making the wrong choice can put a big black mark on your name.
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    Wait, That Newsletter's Not Spam!

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  • tbetz --

    As the editor of Wait, That Newsletter's Not Spam, I just want to point out that the list of e-mail services firms wasn't meant to be comprehensive, since there are so many firms out there that provide mailing and list management services. Rather, it was a compilation of some of the more popular firms, provided as a starting point.

    Due diligence is definitely very important in making any tech decision -- thanks for making that more clear, and for the reference to WhiteHat!

    Amit Asaravala Manager of Editorial & Content Strategy TechSoup